Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling Better!

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My house is quiet. Everyone is snug in their beds! I am feeling MUCH better as are all of the kiddo's!

I took Zach to the doctor this morning convinced that he would culture positive for at least strep throat. NOPE!!! Nothing! WOW! Not sure how that is possible but I will take it! As we walked past the desk in the back they all looked up and made the comment about how NOT sick everyone looked! ABX's are a beautiful thing!!! The boys made a 180 degree turn today and were bouncing off the walls! Makenzie also had a great day and still showed no signs of being sick! So with that being said EVERYONE is going to school tomorrow!!!

Speaking of tomorrow... my fist born BABY boy is turning 12!!!!! I have no clue where the last twelve years went but man did they fly by!!! I love that kid! He is so kind, responsible, and smart, among a million other things!!! He is turning into a young man. Now the fun part...or so I have been told... teenage years!!! The know it all part has already started! Oh boy!!!

This afternoon Makenzie did some rolling and eating but the coolest thing was that she sat by herself several times today!!! Did it look pretty... not really but she did it!!! I worked with her balance and weight shift over her hips with just a one finger prompt and she worked at it hard for over 10 Min's! She pushed with both of her arms many times! SO PROUD!!! Thank You Jesus!

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

I was able to get my kitchen clean at least tonight. My plans were more ambishus then that but I am starting to wear out so I think the rest will have to wait! I think I am going to sit and watch one of the last 6 episodes of my beloved soap opera they canceled while I was in CA! Yes. I am ashamed to admit, I have been watching Guiding Light faithfully for 12 years! It all started with shear boredom on bed rest while pregnant with my oldest son! I am sure this is a good thing but none the less, I am now grieving the loss of my TV family!! Sad huh? Ok not really!!! I didn't have time to watch it but once a week or so in the last 3 years so I am sure I will be ok. I will just have to fill this void with my Face Book Family!!! LOL!!!

Thanks for the prayers! Continue to pray for healing! I Believe!!!

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Reed Family said...

What great videos. I like that the boys are so encouraging. :)

WhitneyBooze said...

She looks GREAT!! I just love the videos. I love the fact that you keep telling her to push, and keep popping her in the head, and she just keeps laughing and smiling. What a little trooper. SHe is working so hard. And I LOVE hearing your son in the background cheering her on - what a delight. You must be very proud.
Makenzie certainly remind me of Suzy, even the noises she makes, and the drool coming from her mouth when she bends forward, and her curled in arms, and the way she wanted to suck on her hand, etc........

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