Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today we started the 3-6 month period that we have been waiting for, post stem cells. The thing is... we have already seen so many great changes in Makenzie since July... so this is a really thick icing on the cake!! I am going to try and get Makenzie's OT to write up a 3 month report on what she has seen Makenzie gain since the stem cells.

I have been following another family for the last couple of years. their son, Sam suffered a near drowning accident, on March 24th 2007! Yes.. the day before Makenzie's accident! I had the privilege of talking to Sam's dad for a long time tonight. I shared with him our experience in Costa Rica. After speaking to their neurologist they are in the, YES we are going to do stems cells, but now trying to decide where phase. I remember being there! SOOOO hard!

We also talked about Sam's journey to eating and how that came about. Turns out it was under the direction of a GI doctor in New Orleans. We talked a lot about where Sam was developmentally when he started seeing this doctor. Guess what? He was in about the same place Makenzie is now. Even better.... he was eating 100% orally within 6 months!!! YEAH GOD!!! This doctor sounds AMAZING!! I having a feeling we are on our way to New Orleans very soon! Granny and Papa here we come! The nice this about this approach is it will only be one appointment with a ton of follow up on the computer and over the phone. This should also be 100% covered by insurance as we have met our insurance's max out of pocket for this year! Pray that God will open the doors and give us some fresh ideas that will work because I know that Makenzie can do this. She is sooooo ready!

I am also starting to think about another trip to Costa Rica. I knew before we went the first time that we would have to go again if we saw any kind of change. Change we have seen. I am not sure the untrained eye will ever fully understand the improvements that we are so excited about but they have been huge to me. I know that if this is God's will he will provide the means to get Makenzie there again. I will keep you all up to date as this unfolds!

Monday begins in about 10 mins and if I am going to be worth anything in the morning I need to head to bed.... oh wait... I am still waiting on Makenzie's pump to beep so I can refill her bag and go to bed! Maybe we will rid ourselves of that beeping pump soon and eat yummy stuff during the day instead! Pray!

"But he said to me, 'My grace is

sufficient for you,' "

(2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV)

Dear Heavenly Father,
You have not said that your grace was once sufficient, nor that it will be sufficient at some point to come. But, you have said Your grace is sufficient for this family, now. That is a reality of this moment. It is not something we have to wish for, long for, or hope for. It is something we already have even as I pray these words. Lord, help us to always see the provision we already have from you. Forgive us for not believing in or receiving the blessings that are fully ours. No matter what our circumstances are today, show us how to walk in your abundant blessings and sufficient grace.
In Jesus' Name,


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