Friday, October 23, 2009

Cheese Cake

One of my favorite restaurants is The Cheese Cake Factory. I remember taking a break and going there while Makenzie was in the hospital . Comfort food.

Today Makenzie ate almost a full piece of cheesecake! On top of about on ounce of avocado and squash! Thank You Jesus!

I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago about the chance hood of talking to another family about something completely unrelated to eating and having him mention this GI doctor and how much hope it gave me. On the flip side how unsure I was that Makenzie's journey towards eating would turn out like his child's.


She set me on the straight and narrow reminding me that the chance in all of this was God! God controls all of this and he has placed the right people in my life, at the right time for reasons that I may not understand.

So as much uncertainty as there is around wether or not now is the time for Makenzie to begin her journey towards getting rid of her feeding tube, pump, extensions, syringes, and formula, I know that God has a plan. What that is I do not know. For me that is torture but I have peace that one way or the other something wonderful will come out of all of this!

I have done a lot of reminiscing about the past two plus years. Despite the fact that Makenzie is not talking, walking, and eating she has come SOOOO far from the days of sleepless nights, constant crying, countless medications, and lack of any level of movement or awareness!

We are still here! We are still fighting with and for Makenzie! Keep fighting with us by continuing to pray for God's healing over Makenzie! He listens and answers! BELIEVE!!


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