Thursday, October 29, 2009


It is cold, wet, and I am stir crazy!!!!

It finally stopped snowing about 10pm! I have watched many get stuck on my street and I now have 22 hours to get my walks shoveled! I hope it warms quickly in the morning so I am not shoveling ice!

Makenie is supposed to have PT in the morning but I am not sure if we will venture out for that! It is not so much the roads as it is the cold! Makenzie doesn't do well in the cold as it causes her whole body to be very tight.

She was also supposed to have her tube changed tomorrow afternoon but because of the strep that has been floating around here I cancelled that earlier this week. I will have to reschedule that as much as I don't want to! I hate to put her under!!!

It was a long morning as it was cold and we were all stuck inside! The boys went outside for a bit but that was short lived. Into the house came the snow all over the floors and then there was the pile wet clothes! Oh the joys! It is so much fun to play in the snow but it was even a bit cold for that this morning.

Makenzie had a good day! She ate really well. In total she got down about 4.5 oz! A little better every day!!! she also found out today that rolling off of mommies lap and onto the floor standing up next to the couch is a ton of fun!!!. We did this over and over! She just laughed and smiled! So proud!

I am reminded often, how hard life is for so many. I wish that it was easier! I am truly grateful for all of the blessings that God has given me and that all of my needs have been met and that my outlook on life, although very different then most I know, is positive! Even though my dreams were not that of therapy, doctors, specialists, modified vans, feeding tubes, and prescriptions, life is good ! I have 4kids! I have my hands full and I like it that way. There are not enough hours in the day but that is ok! My house isn't always sparkling clean because we live in it..who cares. I am not a perfect mom, is anyone? I do the best that I can. I know a lot of people in the same boat. I ask tonight for prayers for rest and peace! I ask for prayers especially for a close friend of mine who has had her world turned upside down in the last 2 months! Life is hard! Life is good! We need each other! Pray!


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