Monday, October 19, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Monday night football rocks! Especially when your team is playing and they play an awesome game starting out the season 6 and 0!

I am not a die hard football fan but I do like to watch the Broncos. I have thought a bit in the past how I came to like football. The answer is my dad! I have wonderful memories of watching football every Sunday as a family. We kinda watched while my mom switched between reading the ads in the Sunday paper and taking a nap. I can hear my dad rooting on the Broncos. I can vividly see the excitement on his face when they made a big play. I remember going out in the yard at halftime to play catch. GOOD TIMES! So to this day I still love football and this time it is my choice!

Tonight Makenzie had plans other then letting me sit down and watch the game. She was a pill and didn't want to give into dream land. At one point one of the boys came up to inform me that "the Broncos were down by 3"!!! Love it!!!!

I hope that I am building those types of memories for my kids! In the craziness of this life that we live. In the midst of the therapy, tubes, doctor appointments, medicine, trips, school, homework, housework, etc... I want my kids to have that! I know there are some events that they do but I want the random stuff like hanging out watching football too! I worry about this EVERY day! I do the best that I can. I know that I do a good job but sometimes... a lot of times... I still worry! I know that I am not alone in this worry.

Makenzie did well today! She was very happy! She continues to do well in her stander and is tolerating it for about an hour or so. So good for those bones and hips! Yeah Makenzie! Mommy is sooo proud of you!

The boys caught a huge snake today by the creek down the street from our house. They were were soooo proud! Oh Boys!!! I love my dirty snake loving little boys soooo much! Not so much in love with the snakes though!!!

Lots to do tomorrow! Pray for health and healing! Pray for good memories!!! Believe!


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