Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Made It!!

Oh What a day!!!!

We left for the airport this morning at 7am! When we arrived at the airport there was a mix up with our tickets! Oh boy!! I thought for a second we would not be leaving at all but after about 30 min they got it worked out and we were on our way!

The flight was great! The airlines are always so great at getting us in the front of the plane! Makenzie just hung out in my lap while I watched a movie on the computer!

Then we were off to baggage claim! I always have to laugh at the looks on peoples faces as we walk through the airport! There was one gentleman that was very concerned and asked me where my husband was and why I was doing this alone!! LOL!! I looked at him and told him that his guess was as good as mine! The look on his face was priceless!

We got on the shuttle and got our rental car without any problems! They even pulled it up to the front for me so that I didn't have to lug all of our stuff across the parking lot! After loading up the car.. which reminds me of why I can't own a nice small little coup.... we were off!

For any of you that don't have a GPS... GET ONE!! After I booked this trip I began saving for a TOM TOM because as a single woman driving around in LA I had NO desire to be lost for ONE second! I plugged my new best friend in and he guided me all the way to our beach house with no problem!!!

The beach house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have a garage to park the car in. A washer and dryer, kitchen, and the most fabulous view of the ocean one could imagine!

When we walked in there was a gift for Makenzie and I! This brought me to tears! I was so touch by this and could just feel God radiating over us! WOW!

I unpacked and off we went to the beach! One block from our condo! Makenzie LOVED it!!!! We had to leave because she was so excited that she made herself gag and puke 3 times from laughing so hard! It was GREAT!!!

Then we used TOM TOM again and found a grocery store and an In and Out Burger and home we went. I got Makenzie ready for bed and she is out like a light!!

Tomorrow Makenzie will have an evaluation at NAPA! Please pray that she gets a therapist that understands what she needs.

Thank you for all of your prayers! We love you!

Believe...prayer works!


WhitneyBooze said...

i am so excited for you!!
I am glad that you made it, and I will pray that you have a super, productive, relaxing,(LOL) week.
I just read your up-date on the stem cells.
I would REALLY like to talk to you.
I have lost your email.
Maybe you could email me, with your number, and a good time for me to call you this week.
It's no rush!
I'm just so excited to read all about her positive changes.
I will be thinking and praying for both of you, and the boys at home while you are away.
Whitney Booze
email -

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