Monday, September 14, 2009

Evaluation Time!

Today was a GREAT day!

Makenzie slept well! She has still been throwing up during the night ever since she was put under! Not sure what that is all about but none the less she is still sleeping well!

We left for therapy this morning and navigated LA in rush hour! I really wasn't any worse then home other then that the roads in LA do weird things! LOL! We made it just in time and were ready to go!

Today was a day for the therapists to get to know Makenzie! They messed with her and fitted her suit to meet her needs! They were really great! I feel like they understand Makenzie and know how best to give her what she needs!

We also had a GREAT time hanging out with Joey and his mom, aunt, and cousin who are also all there for their kiddos! There are also 3 other little girls here that are the same age as Makenzie with similar needs! WOW! God is so good! Even though this is a therapy trip it is so great to be with people that we know and kinda feels like a vacation! LOL! I am sure that will change tomorrow when we get to the REAL therapy!

Makenzie also started her listening therapy this afternoon. In short... she HATED it! I think most of it is that she really doesn't like anything on her head! We started with a hearing test. There are defiantly frequencies the HURT Makenzie! Oh did she cry!!! We had to stop because she would not concede but I think we got a good baseline! We Will try a repeat in about 8 days. We then went out and sat on the trampoline and Makenzie listened to her special music for 1.5 hours. She seemed to do ok with that as long as the therapist was no where near her! LOL! Anytime she came around Makenzie would stick out her lip and start to cry! Smart girl!

As much as Makenzie doesn't like Ms. Jennie, I LOVE her! She has so much knowledge and I plan on picking her brain for the next 3 weeks!!!

We headed home and after mommy made herself something to eat we headed out to the beach!!! Once again Makenzie LOVED it! She is totally a beach baby! After my back started to cramp up I decided I would just sit with Makenzie and let the surf roll over us. She loved that too! We left the beach covered from head to toe in SAND!!

The walk back may only be less then a block but it feels like miles! Makenzie is getting so big! I can't push her chair in the sand so that leaves me to carry her! I have been brainstorming cheap ways to be able to pull her and I think I have a couple options! I will let you all know if they work!

When we hit the door we were both soaking wet and covered with sand! It was a site to see! You all would have been rolling on the floor!!! Did I mention there is no bath tub? Yeah! Crazy! At the end of the day we were both mostly free of sand (i am sure I will be taking beach sand home with me against my will... that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!), clean, and all ready for bed!

I feel so blessed! First, to my mom and dad for making this possible as they are home with the boys! Also to my boys for understanding why mommy has to be away from them. Second, to Discount Tire for paying for this wonderful therapy. Third to the owner of this condo for opening up his beautiful home for us to stay in! Fourth, that we are with so many wonderful people here! SANDY AND BLESSED!!! God is so good!!!

Pray for Makenzie tomorrow as she will be pushed harder then ever before! Pray that she will fight through it and learn new things! God, please bless my princess with the miracle of healing! Please pray that she stops vomiting at night and that she stays HEALTHY!!! That is SOOOOO important! Pray!!!


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