Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stem Cell Update!!!

HERE IT IS!!!! 6 weeks post Stem Cell Update

This was summery was put together by Makenzie's PT. This professional has known Makenzie since before her accident. Worked with her while she was still in the hospital and has been treating her 3-4 times a week since her discharge. For me her observations and opinions are like gold!

So.....With out further adu.......

Since returning from CR, Makenzie continues to surprise us with a wide array of new skills and developments. She is exhibiting head control for longer and more frequent periods of time, as well as allowing her shoulders, arms, and hands to be held in more relaxed positions resulting in increased active movements and weight bearing Thur her arms/hands. In addition, she is exhibiting a better ability to problem solve necessary position changes and attempts movements in a more appropriate systematic fashion, rather than becoming frustrated and using total flexion as her initial movement choice. The frequency and duration of her total flexion responses have also decreased, allowing her to have more sustained periods of social, cognitive, and environmental interaction. Subsequently, her vocalizations have increased in variety and duration, in both positive and negative ways. She not only enjoys expressing her pleasure and approval, but she now wastes no time expressing her displeasure or disapproval!!

Upon her immediate arrival home, an initial setback was realized as she was unwilling to bear weight thru her right foot. Realizing that this was probably due to residual discomfort from the injection catheter site, we massaged, gently ranged, increased use of smafo’s, and waited for healing time. It now appears that the wait was worthwhile as she has once again begun to bear weight thru the right foot, and is exhibiting a better foot flat posture, better hip control, and more erect trunk/head. Onward and upward, Makenzie!!

So now for the mommy translation! LOL!

First and foremost the word flexion is used many times. This is because it is one of the biggest deficits Makenzie has. In layman's terms for my daughter, flexion means that Makenzie tries to curl in a ball. All of her muscle get SUPER tight, she pulls her head down and tries to push her legs out straight. She does this a lot when trying to move her arms, get in all fours and tall kneel. It is a pattern that she has been very stuck in and very committed to.

Since coming home from Costa Rica she has had a ton less flexion! When the flexion does kick in it takes a LOT less time for her to pull herself out of it! She is tolerating all fours, and tall kneel much better and she has been able to move her arms a lot more with out trying to use this horrible pattern! This is HUGE!!!

Her hands and arms are much less tight. Before Costa Rica she fisted her fingers so tight that there were times that we could barley pry them open. After returning home they are wide open most of the time! The only time that she really clinches them together is when she is trying to do something with them. She also is relaxing her arms a ton more and bending her elbow has gotten a lot easier! The looseness in her hands and arms has also resulted in her being able to use her protective response much better. She has been catching herself with her arms much more sometimes even with an open hand! When she falls over she is also doing a ton better pushing up!

Makenzie has been making a bunch of new sounds and has even managed to say a few words. This really changed overnight! Before doing stems really all we got out of her was laughter and the "ah" sound. WOW! We all have also noticed that her laugh and cry have changed as well!

She is also much more able to tell us when she doesn't like things. This is good and bad for me! Makenzie used to just do what we asked her to do and now we have to do a lot more convincing! She is not just crying when she is unhappy. She has a whole new set of sounds that she is making for that too!

She has gotten really good at using her switch with her talker. We have noticed since Costa Rica that she is using both of her hands to access the switch and also lifting her hands up. She has been very successful at using a switch in numerous other places!

Response times have gotten faster. She is following directions so well and has been able move out of her bad patterns on command more frequently!

Makenzie's right foot is feeling much better! She is putting weight on it well! She has now started to attempt to shift her own weight. She has been taking great steps again and her feet fall flat on the ground when put in standing! In standing Makenzie is feeling the weight by not using a total extension pattern.

Makenzie's trunk has gotten a lot stronger! She is able to pull herself up in a standing and sitting positions.

So in conclusion, after 6 weeks post Stem Cell Therapy, it was worth everything! We have yet to even make it to the 3-6 month mark when they say the most results should be realized! YEAH GOD!!! GO STEM CELLS!!!

What does this mean for the future? It means that we NEED to go back to Costa Rica! When? The hope is to make it back in January. The cost for the next round of treatment will be 50% less then the initial treatment. This makes doing Stem Cells again a heck of a lot more do able! Tough but do able!

Please pray for God's will to be done. Pray that if this is what we are supposed to do that God once again would provide! Thank you for loving Makenzie! Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers! Thank you for hanging in there with us on this journey! Please keep praying!


Shauna Quintero said...

Go Makenzie! Go stem cells! Go God! He is at work!

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