Thursday, September 3, 2009

Standing Games

After 2 days with a broken car, it is fixed and we are back in business!

Makenzie had a GREAT day today! She did fabulous in therapy. We did some sitting, standing, walking, and trunk activities. She has been doing a great job using her hand and has been pushing buttons on toys VERY quickly! We also continue to see great range in her arms!

She went to school today as well. I brought in her chair and it is amazing the difference it makes for her! She finger painted, played with moon sand, cars, and even some shells. We also went out on the playground and she went down the slide, on the swing, rolled down the big hill, and rode on a trike! Busy girl she is! I am still amazed at how far she has come in the last year! Well even in the last 3 months of summer break!

We leave in just over a week for suit therapy! WOW!! I think that I have everything taken care of! Flight reservations.. check, Hotel...check, car... check, therapy session confirmed and paid for...check, feeding supplies ordered... check, arrangements for the boys... check, packed... ok well that is not even started.. oh well! I am so excited! We are going to be in CA for 3 weeks! Makeizie will get over 5hours of therapy every day! Also we are going to be there with Makenzie's future husband Joey and his mom! This is going to be so good for Makenzie and she is sooooo ready for this type of therapy!!!

Please continue to pray for Makenzie! Pray for safety in CA and TONS of healing!


WhitneyBooze said...

I love the standing video!!
This is really hard work, and she looks so happy. I'm sure you are very proud.
I'm so glad she is happy in school. What a big relief.
I always keep her in my prayers,and I am excited to hear how CA goes.
So, would youi say the cells are working so far? It certainly seems so to me.
Have a great Weekend.
Whitney Booze (Suzy's mommy)

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