Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking the Good with the Bad

So do you guys want the good or the bad news first?

Bad news always comes first right?

Here is Makenzie's poor little legs after the phenol injections...

It doesn't seem to bother her so that is a good thing! I about fell over yeterday afternoon when I saw that! In the morning it looked a bit bruised but not too bad but then when I was getting her ready for bed the bruises made "black and blue" sound good! This is acually looks a lot better then it looked yesterday if you can believe that!

So onto the good news....

This is what the phenol did for her....

WOW! I have never seen her legs spread so far apart! She is also kicking a TON more and she also decided this morning that she was going to be a rolly polly again!

We are leaving on Sunday morning so I am going to keep this short tonight because I have a TON to get done before we go!

Pray for safe travels for Makenzie and I! Pray that Makenzie tolerates this therapy and comes away with some new skills! Pray for the boys as they stay home with grandma and grandpa! Pray!


Reed Family said...

Can't wait for you two to come to California! Wish it was everyone, but I'll take what I can get. See you soon. :)

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