Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Let me tell you how much I love Starbucks gift cards! A TON!

I was going through a bunch of stuff before we left and I ran across a few gift cards from Christmas and birthdays. I grabbed them and threw them in my pocket to take with me! Oh the joys of a Caramel Macchiato first thing in the morning before a 6 hour cry fest!

Ok so the crying has gotten a bit better. She is still crying but it seems to be getting shorter and she is having spurts of calm even during activities that she really doesn't like! Such a trooper!

She looked MUCH better on the treadmill this morning and was doing some great pushing through her arms too! Tall knell is looking great and she is trying to curl up a lot less. I am so excited to see her moving...yes with help... in all fours as this was a position that we have only gotten her in for a few seconds at a time at home. All in all this is sooooooo good for her even though it is a ton of work! Kinda like going to the gym and working out for 4 hours straight with out stopping. Think about that for just one moment!!!!

We are really working on weight bearing in both her arms and legs with is just what the doctor ordered! Makenzie is not fond of doing this but her dislike is what is hurting her. Especially her right hip. We have gained so many great ideas during this trip! Many of them serious money savers!

When we got home I started to feel really tired again so I decided that instead of giving into it we were going to go for a walk on the beach. It was the perfect day with a heavy fog over the ocean blocking the sun. We walked about 10 blocks down the beach and up a monster sized hill and found a really fun restaurant called Panchos. We sat down and ate some dinner. Makenzie was SOOOO tired so I ended up taking most of it home in a to go box but we still had fun!

Here was the scenery of our walk! This place is sooooo beautiful!!! I wish we had more time to just sit and enjoy!

We are at the halfway point. Today was hump day! Please keep praying for health and healing! Please also pray for the boys and my parents at home! This has been a GREAT trip so far. Makenzie had come so far and I have learned so much! Believe... Prayer Works!


Shauna Quintero said...

Half way there! Woohoo! It looks beautiful there! I'm so jealous. I can almost feel the breeze and smell the salt water.

Oh yeah, wanted to tell you and keep forgetting that Christian is doing that shivering and jumping thing when he gets startled. Remember us talking about that?

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