Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Napa Center Day 3

Makenzie had a much better day today. There was a lot less crying and a lot more smiling! We worked at lot on tall kneel again today. Makenzie did great and was putting a ton more weight into her knees. Yes she cried but it looked a lot better! The still picture I took today were with my phone as my camera battery died! They are not the best but better then nothing!

While in the Neuro Suit we also worked on side sit to both sides with weight bearing through her wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders. It took her much less time to adjust today.

Then she worked on sitting. She loved playing the drum! She was able to keep her knees bent mush easier today.

Makenzie also used the Kid Walk. This is not my favorite walker but she did a great job standing with weight bearing and weight shift.

During hours three and four Makenzie worked in the spider cage, lifted weights, and standing.

In the spider cage we worked on long sit, side sit, and all fours.

Last but not least was standing! Makenzie did great! They had her bearing more weight today and doing a LOTS of weight shifting! She kept her head up so well! Go Makenzie!

Then we had a short luch break with all of our friends! Makenzie tasted some of my soup and some ravioli! She really seemed to like it!!

Then it was onto listening therapy. Makenzie sat with the therapy assistant for a while and pretty soon she was sound asleep!!!!

About 20 min later Makenzie woke up and Gennie put her in a hammok like swing that she LOVED!!!

After therapy I had 2 stops to make! This was not a good plan! Makenzie was so tired! We made it though! She is out like a light! Her reflux seems to have flared up a bit tonight but she seems to be doing ok!

Please pray for continued health and healing! It is SOOOO hard to watch her cry but this is soooo good for her! Please also pray for my boys as it has been hard for them to ajust to mommie not being there! Thanks so much!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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