Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids Rock

We had quite the morning!

Makenzie has been working on communicating with a talker and a switch for the last several months. She has really done great and has a good time! She LOVES to ask Mommy for hugs and kisses and no more monkeys continues to be her favorite game! Her Speech therapist has also become an invaluable part of Makenzie's team not to mention a huge support and friend to me!

So now it is time to figure out how to attach her new talker to her chair so that she can use it more at home and at school!

So we met with another therapist that her speech therapist knows. She had some GREAT ideas!!! We were able to get Makenzie to use the switch in a couple of places that we had never tried before. She did awesome! So we figured out what equipment we would need which brought us to the next delimia......

Makenzie needs a new chair!

She physically fits in the chair that she has but she has developmentally grown out of it. She is doing so much new stuff and needs to be offered more movement! Possibly the Kids Rock. The only issue is that it more then likely not will not fit in our truck! I knew that we would need to get a van at some point and I guess that day is approaching quickly! We are looking into getting a Dodge Grand Caravan as they are the lowest van to the ground and one of the most widely used vans to convert for wheelchairs...so... if you or anyone you know has any connections with Dodge and could get us any kind of discount PLEASE e-mail me at makenziesmiracle@comcast.net!

We also talked about starting the processes of getting her a power chair! There is, as you can imagine is a ton of red tape involved and Makenzie will need to practice some more with her switches but everyone agreed that with help and practice, Makenzie could be driving around all by herself in the future. I am sure it is a LONG process but that is all the more reason to at least start thinking about it now!

She also had OT and PT this morning and did GREAT! Makenzie got her hand completely flat on the floor with her fingers all the way out, her elbow straight, and her arm supanated! WOW!!! I reminded her therapist that I promised you guys a detailed update, post Stem Cells! SOOOOO Keep looking for it! It will blow you away!!!

Keep praying!!!


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