Friday, September 4, 2009

So Cute!

I finally got pictures of Makenzie's pouty face! Normally when she sees the camera come out she stops. I think it is about the cutest thing EVER!!! Next time I need to take video! This is what happens every night when I get in the shower! I don't know what she hates so much about it but when I step in, the pouty face starts and I get to spend the whole time playing peek-a-boo with the curtain and singing all kind of silly songs just to get through it without a major tantrum! Puts a whole new twist on singing in the shower huh?

We had a GREAT day! We had a meeting this morning and it was awesome! No full discloser tonight but just know God is doing AMAZING things!!!

Then Makenzie and I went downtown with a friend and I was treated to a really fabulous trendy eyebrow wax. It was so great to get out and do something that I don't EVER get to do!!! My brow is STILL on FIRE but it was ALL worth it!!! LOL!! Yes, I mention this tonight on my blog because even as small as it might seem to most it was a VERY wonderful treat and the highlight of my week! THANK YOU STEPHANIE!

Tonight is the start of a three day weekend! Yippie! One of my munchkins is at a friends for the night, one of my kiddos has 2 friends here for the night, and one is hanging watching a movie! Not a whole lot planned for the weekend which will be nice!

As always keep praying! Makenzie is doing so well! As in PT fashion our stem cell update is still in process!! LOL!!! I have been told Monday! Look for it.. I will be too... LOL.. it will be well worth it!


Karl and Carla Minor said...

That is cute. I have a few pictures and video of angry Hannah, just in case I ever have to prove that she wasn't always all smiles.

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