Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heart Breaking!

Oh me oh my! What a day! I am sooooo fried! Makenzie had her injections today. All went well until it was time for her to wake up! She cried for over an hour nonstop! She threw up 3 times as well! I thought that she would be ok if we left as that is what happened in Costa Rica! Well she did not settle down. We got all the way out to the car only to turn right back around and go back inside, up to the rehab floor to wait to talk to her doctor. There was no way I could have drove her home at that point! We sat in a room and talked to the nurse. I think we were up there for about 30 min when Makenzie finally started to settle down and then passed out! Sound asleep! The nurse waled me to my truck and I put Makenzie in her car seat. She woke up and cried a bit but after I started driving she was fine and there were no more tears! AHHHHHHH! The above video was taken after we had been discharged from the PACU,walked to the car, walked back into the hospital, and sat down in a clinic room to wait for the nurse to find the doctor!

I didn't get home until almost 4pm.

I came home to a mess of a house.

Dinner to make.

A kid who didn't turn in his paperwork for track but wasn't given the right form to fill out. I had to make a phone call to the dean because his coach told him he could not participate this week in practice or at the meet. Even though he has been asking for the right paperwork. I am sure I will have to go to the school tomorrow to figure it all out because that just doesn't work for me! I am only going to be in town for one of his meets and it is the one he has been told he can't participate in. Don't think so!

I called the pharmacy to refill one of Makenzie's rx's as we don't have enough left to get through our whole trip to CA. They will not refill it until the 16Th unless we want to pay out of pocket for a $230 medication.

I had a heck of a time getting Makenzie to bed.

One kid that really can't stand his teacher and told me all about it.

3 boys that did not do their homework!


Did I mention that I am leaving for 3 weeks in 4 days!

Tonight I am just barley here! I am sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get everything done! How I am going to stay on top of it all in order to board a plane on Sun morning. What needs to change. This is what it is to be a parent of a child with special needs! It took everything I had just to make it through the procedure with Makenzie! I just wanted to go home and curl up next to her and be done! Then reality smacked me in the face when I got home! I just wanted to hide under the bed or run away! Bed time could not have come early enough! I have so much to do. I have so little time! I am just glad this day is done! Now, I can sit and regroup! Tomorrow will be a new day and I will pull it all together! I always do!

Napa Center here we come!!!!

PS.... It is now 1:20 am! I stayed up to give Makenzie her Zofran because Anesthesia makes her very nauseaus. Right before it was time to give it to her, her feeding pump started making a weird beeping noise! BROKEN! It is flashing and beeping and will not even turn off! Oh and she has been NPO (without food or fluids) for most of today because of her procedure. Called the HHC and they told me that it would be 3-4hours before they could get one out! I feel so helpless! I can't even feed my little girl! I am at the mercy of everyone else! Nothing I can do about it other then cry so I guess I will go to bed and hope that there is a new pump on my porch in the morning!


The Dean Family said...

Hi my daughter has an anoxic brain injury from a near drowning in June of this year and she just made 2 on December 24th. I saw that you and Makenzie went to NAPA, Emerson (my daughter) and I are looking into it and I was just wondering what you felt about it and if you think it helped Makenzie? Also too did you pay out of pocket or insurance? And did you go by yourself? Thanks for all the input you can give me! I appreciate it very much! :) Makenzie is a beautiful little girl!

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