Sunday, September 6, 2009


Got the suit cases out! All ready for 3 weeks of stuff to be put in them! I am so excited! Makenzie is just doing so well! At church today I ran into some friends that I haven't seen since the beginning of the summer and the first thing they said was how much more aware she was! Yeah! It is hard to notice when you are around her everyday! Go God keep wrapping your healing arms around my baby girl!

Also this morning before getting out of bed I layed with Makenzie for a while. When she started to fuss I asked her if she wanted to go downstairs. She looked right at me and clear as day said "GO" Wow!!!! I asked her to say it several times at church and at Sam's and she did it over and over! Stem Cells? You decide! I say yes! Of course not without Gods powerful healing hand!

Sometimes during the day to day manotany it is so hard to know if you are doing a good job as a parent. I guess no one is perfect and will not really know until their children grow up if they did a good job of giving their kids all they needed to be happy, healthy, productive adults and even then who knows!

As a mommy to 4 kiddos living a life that is so different then their friends, I sometimes wonder what they would be like if Makenzie walked and talked and was like any other 4 year old little girl. If March 25th had never happened. What would they be into if I had more time and money. I used to know so much about childhood development. I knew what my kids should be doing and when. Now when they fight, when they backtalk, when there is any kind of behavior problem, I wonder. I wonder if it has to do with all of the pain and loss. I have no clue what normal is anymore. I do know that they have learned more in their short lives then most learn in a whole life time. I know that they are all the better people for it in the end but there is always the what if.

While at Sam's today we had lunch. Makenzie thought the Cinnamon and sugar pretzel was the best! As we were leaving we passed by an older couple that had been sitting behind us. She leaned over and said "you have a beautiful family! We have had so much fun watching your great kids! " Man does that feel good! I know I have good kids! Some days... this morning being one of those days.. I just feel like selling them to the Gypsies! LOL Now, that is just a joke for all of you literal people but there are times I am sure that the older 2 are going to kill each other and I am going to need a padded room! Yippie for sibling rivalry!!! I love them all soooo much! I am feeling very blessed that I have such intelligent, responsible, and caring boys!!!... and of course the most beautiful,happiest little princess on the earth!

Please pray for health! Kaleb now has a stuffy nose! Colds seem to be all over! Please pray that we all continue to stay healthy! Makenzie NEEDS to be well! She has a HUGE few weeks coming up! PRAY!


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