Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Savannah is one of Makenzie's new friends!!!

Monday mornings! My poor girl just looks at me with the I can't believe we are here again look! well I have good news for you Princess Makenzie... this is the last Monday!!!

I know that Makenzie can not do Suit therapy every day for the rest of her life but I am so torn! The Napa Center is amazing. The people here new and old have been so great! Unlike all of my other trips, with the exception of part of our Florida trip, I am comfortable. The only thing that is missing is my boys and extended family.

I really do love all of you normal people (LOL Is normal even possible!?) but I have met some truly amazing people here in CA. People who get it. ALL of it! I have had so many conversations this week that have made so much since. The support has been amazing and fun! There are not too many people I know that understand the accommodations it takes to bring Makenzie to a place like Disneyland. Well, here I got to be part of understanding that for my friend while she understood for me. How many people find it fun to stay up eating pizza while enjoying a 2 way conversation about new seating systems, stem cells, and modified vans? I don't know many! In 4 days it will be gone. I will go back to being on the Internet and telephone. That part SUCKS!

I miss my kids, I miss my bed, I miss my life. I don't miss not having the connections I have found here. On top of the fact that I didn't get to see one of my best friend's who is only 6 hours away because she was really sick! This was our chance and it has now come and gone! CRAP!

As I said before, God has plans that for everything! None of this is just about Makenzie. I try to remind myself of that often. Yes, we came here for therapy but we are leaving with so much more.

Kenz is still eating really well and she did a great job standing as well!!! She is doing so well!!! The connections she has made with these new therapists in the last 2 weeks are also so amazing!

Please keep praying for health and healing! We are almost done! I had to wipe and suck Makenzie's nose tonight which has me worried! We are SOOOOO close! Please say an extra prayer that we can stay healthy!


mary clendinning said...

Makenzie and friends at Disney brought tears - tears of happiness for you, the other mothers and the children. God bless you all.

Mary Clendinning

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