Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cold Season has Arrived ... NAPA Day 12

Well Makenzie has a cold! She has a very stuffy nose but she was soooo happy today! All smiles and tons of laughter. Yes, we still had some crying but over all so was in the best mood ever!!!!!

Makenzie is looking so good! She is doing great in all fours and her standing looks great! We are going to have graduation tomorrow because one of the therapists will not be there on Fri. I am so excited to hear what Makenzie's therapists have to say about her progress!

Even though Makenie is congested she did pretty good eating today. She wants salt! Cheetos are her favorite but she is also really liking avocado and cottage cheese with a bit of sea salt! The face she makes when I try to give her anything sweet is priceless! That is just not normal! (ladies that is for you and your long line of ______) (Sorry inside joke I couldn't help myself!)

I had some potentially really good new fall into my lap today about further treatment for Makenzie and it has me overwhelmed at the moment. I am not going to go into details as there is some footwork that needs to be done first but I am going to ask for prayers on making the right decision and listening to God when making this decision. If is is meant to be God will make it happen! If not that will be ok to... I guess.. JK. Just Pray!

Please also pray that Makenzie would get over this cold like NOW!!! Pray for continued health and healing! Pray for my boys back at home who are missing their mommy! Pray for safe travels home as our trip back is approaching very quickly!

I forgot my camera at NAPA today so I don't have pictures from this morning to share but I do have a treat that was e mailed to me today! The pictures in today's post were taken during the first week of therapy by the grandmother of one of Makenzie's new friends! Enjoy!!

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Mrs. Dan said...

Rachael is the same way about sweets. ;) And LOL at your joke. We are so sick! :p

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