Saturday, September 12, 2009

California Here We Come!!!!

I think we are ready to go! All but a few things that I am still using are in the suitcases and waiting by the door! Please pray for safe travels tomorrow! I am a bit nervous to drive in LA but I know TOM TOM will get me there just fine!

I am so excited to get started with this therapy! I am also excited to see the ocean! I will get to see it EVERY morning and every afternoon! I plan on sitting on the beach and just listening to the surf! Makenzie also loves the ocean! She thinks it is great when the waves crash over her feet and bury her toes in the sand! We will also be getting to spend a ton of time with good friends while we are there! This is going to be a great trip! Pray for healing! Pray for lots of new information! Pray for safety!

I am off to finish up a few last things and then crawl in bed! Here is a video I took of Makenzie in speech therapy this week! She was being a little silly and was pushing the button that repeated everything she had said, over and over! Makenzie thought it was really funny! The other thing to notice is how high Makenzie was getting her arms up off the table! Before stem cell she could not raise them at all!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!


Janis said...

Enjoy your trip!! I am sure you will be busy, but Austin & I are here too...if you have time.


..telicia.. said...

your little girl is so precious and so perfect. after reading your blog this video shows all the personality and humor and the sweet spirit that your little girl has. she is so adorable. thank you so much for sharing your story. you and your family will be in my prayers.

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