Monday, September 7, 2009

Cake Walk

Today was a bit long and boring. The kids decided to capitalize by fighting a ton! Did I mention how much I love sibling rivalry!

The afternoon was much better! We ran some errands and got some lunch. It really helped break up the day! I was hoping to take them to do something fun today but by the time Makenzie had therapy and we did what needed to be done there was no time for that! Nothing new!

Now I must brag on my oldest son! I love that kid sooo much! He asked if he could bake a cake. I told him yes as long as he cleaned up the mess that already was in the kitchen before he started in on another mess. So he proceeded to clean up the kitchen, and made a perfect cake from START to FINISH. All by himself! I did not have one finger in any of it! He is 11! He was finishing it up while I was putting Makenzie to bed. I laid in bed hoping that he wouldn't cut into it before I could get a picture and well I got more then that! I walked down the stairs and there was fettachine Alfredo and garlic bread waiting for us to eat for dinner! WOW!!!! I am so proud of that kid! He amazes me everyday!

We go in tomorrow afternoon to have phenol put in Makenzie's hamstrings and aductors! Please pray! I was very tired and cranky today and I think it has to do with the procedure tomorrow. They will have to put her under for about 15 min and that as always scares me a ton! She has been under two times since the beginning of July and did fine so it seems a bit better and not as scary but non the less it has put me in a funk! Please pray for Gods protection and healing and that this will help a ton with her tone and help get that hip back were it needs to be!

Speaking of her hip. It is still ok but not the best and we by no means want it to get ANY worse! There are several things that we can do to help get it back... one of them is to get them on her feet and weight bearing a ton more. To do this we will need a supine stander. I spoke with her seating and mobility specialist and he is going to get us one to try for 30 days. However, we will obviously need it for longer then that. He said that we could try to bill insurance for it but the process of approval usually takes forever!! Like 6-8 months of denials before approval. This can not wait that long! What does this mean for Makenzie and our family. It means that we are going have to come up with about $3000.00 to buy one out of pocket and SOON! Like yesterday! Please pray about helping us in any way large of small to get this very necessary piece of equipment for Makenzie! She needs that hip!

I have heard that Makenzie therapist is almost done with her Stem Cell update! It is note, eval, and billing time for therapists around here so she has been quite busy with that on top of treating all of her kiddos but it is still coming! I promise!

Please keep praying! Makenzie continues to heal and grow! Pray Pray Pray!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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