Friday, August 21, 2009


Thank you for all of the prayers for Makenzie's IEP meeting!

The meeting itself went well. We talked about a lot of the issues from last year and how we were going to resolve them. They were very kind and seemed willing to do what ever it takes to make this year increadable!

Makenzie will be attending a BRAND NEW school that is only preschool! There are 4 other classes there and will be 9 different specialists on top of teachers and aids. They have added an extra aid in her classroom as Makenzie needs someone to be with her at all times! The playground will be accesable and the classroom is bigger allowing more room for all of her equiptment! They seem to feel that the classroom staff will be a very good fit for Makenzie.

Now being the Mamma bear that I am.... I am excited but I won't believe it untill I see it! We will go in next week to meet the staff. See the class room and look at equiptment to decide what will and will not work for Makenzie. Her home PT, OT and SLP will also be there to share ideas with the staff.

All in All I think it was a GREAT starting point and hope this will be a good do over! LOL

Makenzie continues to do VERY well! She is so much more alert and following directions amazingly fast!! She is making a ton of new sounds and has be trying to close her lips!

We have been working hard on Oral Motor and she has been chewing a bit and bitting therapy tools on command! She is allowing more and more in her mounth and even tried to suck on a pacifier a few days ago!

She has also been using her arms and hands a lot. She has been bending her elbow when asked as well as placing her arms in different places when requested. Her hands have stayed a ton looser and the range in her shoulders is much improved!

The only big issue she is having right now is still her crazy right leg! For a while it seemed to be getting better but has been bothering her more latley. That is the foot she had the IV in while we where in Costa Rica. She will not put much weight on it and the great walking she was doing in the gait trainer has all but ceassed! PLEASE pray for this! She LOVES to walk! I LOVE to watch her walk! I don't know what is wrong or why but I know that God will hear our requests for healing in this area! Pray that her leg, ankle, foot... what ever it is that is hurting will feel better!

All crazy days must come to an end! Tonight I have been blessed with an early end! 1 kiddo at Grandmas, 2 at a sleep over, and the princess is sound asleep! I think it is time for a glass of wine and a movie!!!



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