Saturday, August 29, 2009


Have you ever gone into a dark room after a long day and layed in bed with your little girl.. at oh say about 6pm? I do this every night to put Makenzie to bed. What do you think happens most nights? That's right, I also end up falling asleep! LOL! The deal at our house is, if after 15 min of silence on the baby monitor I do not come down the stairs one of the boys is to come and get me up! Well last night the boys were with grandma and grandpa at the cabin and I had no one to wake me up!!! Needless to say I fell asleep at about 7pm and woke up to Makenzie's beeping pump at 2am!!! That is more sleep before 2am then I get on most nights!

I made more formula, dosed a med and went back up to bed! It took a while to fall back asleep but I did and slept until about 7:30am!! I am wondering however if it is possible to get to much sleep because I was tired ALL day!

Makenzie and I had a great day! We stretched and played all morning before getting dressed to run a few errands.

She is doing SOOO good! I would love to shout from the highest mountain about all of the cool new things she has been doing since we got back from Costa Rica but I am going to let her therapist do that next week! I have asked if she would be my guest here and write from her view about what she has seen in the last 6 weeks. This is a therapist that has worked with Makenzie from day one and is also the only professional other then her pediatrician that knew her before her accident. She said she would love to. So that is your teaser! Look for that post hopefully sometime next week!

The boys all had a great week at school! Zach is REALLY enjoying middle school and has even decided to join the track team. He has also made a few good friends already ! I am so proud of him!!!

Makenizie starts school on Monday and I am really excited for that! She needs the stimulation of the kids and activities! I just can not reproduce that at home!

Please keep praying! Pray for God to grow those cells inside of her! Pray that her first day of school goes well and pray for our trip to CA! We leave 2 weeks from tomorrow!!! WOW! I am so excited!


Julia said...

love you all......go God and stem cells....

Anonymous said...

Pam, I can't wait to read what the therapist shares!! I'll be praying for Makenzie and YOU on Monday! Big Day!!

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