Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Days are Coming!!!

Today was a great day.

It started out with therapy. Makenzie did great..showing off that is... we didn't really get much therapy in because her new OT and PT from her school came. Her home therapists showed them a ton of stuff on what we are working on right now.

When they walked in the door she gave them the infamous shy head on my shoulder smile. I love that smile! She so knows that she had no clue who these new people were! So cute. She did however warm up a bit and she showed them a ton of floor sitting, bolster sitting, standing and walking.

Both the OT and PT seemed very knowledgeable and I felt they made a very good connection with Makenzie. I am so excited to get started and see how much Makenzie will learn this year!

After everyone left we got ready and headed off to the open house at the school. I was a bit nervous as these events can be quite crazy. All of the kids, their moms and dads, siblings, cats, dogs... ok just kidding.. but none the less, not a lot of one on one conversation and a whole lot of ciaos!

We first stopped at the play ground because after all when you are 4 that IS the most important part right? It was great. We walked up the stair and went down the slide, Makenzie loved it. The playground is surrounded by a sidewalk that is painted like a road. I guess I better get on ordering her the trike she so loved at therapy! The only concern that I have is there is no shade and Makenzie really doesn't like the sun. I am sure we will figure that out!!!

The inside of the school is very nice! The hallways are wide... crazy things I now pay attention to. It is super clean and there is a lot of space in the classroom.

I met the rest of the staff and it turns out the teacher goes to our church and even provided us a meal after Makenzie's accident! The first thing she said was how big Makenzie was getting and I am sure the look on my face was priceless! I was very confused as we have never met this woman before. She then explained and all that came to my mind was. man... how GREAT is this God that I serve!!!! I asked for prayers, prayed many of prayers and he ANSWERED my prayers with a teacher that loves Jesus, serves Jesus,knows my daughters story and has even been there supporting my family... AMAZING!!!

I am so blessed! We are so blessed! Thank You Jesus!

We have another crazy day tomorrow! I keep waiting for life to slow down but it never does so I think I am going to give up on that for now! LOL! Please keep praying! God listens. Believe! Thank You all for everything! Every little thing that you guys do for this family whether it is prayer, meals, donations, childcare, services... the list goes on.... makes this journey that much easier! There are not any words that could adequately explain how grateful I am for each and everyone of you! THANK YOU!!!


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