Monday, August 31, 2009

School Bells are Ringing!!!!

The boys at the Cabin  this weekend! God is AMAZING!

All 4 of my kiddos are now in school!!

Makenzie started preschool today. She had a lot of fun! She painted and played with bugs and even colored with a marker! All while sitting in a normal preschool chair at the table with her new friends! (with help of course) She went out side on the playground but it was way to bright and hot to do much. She read a few books and sat like a big girl during circle time.

Man has she come a long ways in a year since her very first day of preschool!

We have a long way to go at school but this was a GREAT start! Her teachers were SOOO loving and very receptive to everything I suggested! I felt VERY welcome! Oh yeah i guess I didn't state at the start that I am going to preschool with her for at least the first 2 weeks!

I am going to bring her chair tomorrow as they have located a hi-low base that it will fit on to allow her the support she needs at the same time being with her friends. This is going to be a great year!

Makenzie also told me today with sounds that were so different then normal that she loved me! I play this game with her. It goes like this..... I get in her face and say "I".....and a pause for her to make a sound.... the I say "love" ... and another pause...and she will respond again... and then I will say "you" at which she bursts out laughing EVERY time! It is so much fun! Well this morning she pushed out a VERY clear "I" and then rounded her mouth and came soooo close to saying "love".....then of course on cue the laughter erupted after "you"! She is so smart and is doing so well!!!

After falling asleep in Gods arms and getting a good nights rest I feel much better! I thank you all for your kind words and prayers! I wish you could truly know how much they mean to me! It is what keeps me going a lot of days! I know that will not be the last day I will fall and need to be picked up! I know though that when it does happen you all will be here and continue to pray for us! Thank You!!!


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