Friday, August 14, 2009

Stem Cells? Who knows... Who cares!!!

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Makenzie has had a great morning!!

She has never been able to roll from side to side with out some kind of help at her arm, hips, or head. I have noticed over the past week every day she has been doing a bit better! Today she woke up, I laid her on the floor and sat with her. I called for her to come and see me and ..... she did! No help. No stretching. No practice. She just rolled!!! WOW!!!

Is this stem cells? Who knows! I would say as it has been 2 years and no rolling.. yes!!! We still have 5 months until we hit the full wait and see period!!!

To the normal person this may not be a big deal.. I mean she isn't walking and talking right? Not to me!!! If stem cells gives her the ability to roll this means she has a way to get around! it is the start! The start to wanting to crawl and walk! It is HUGE!!!

Makenzie also had a GREAT night. For the first time since she got sick last Monday she didn't puke during the night or first thing in the morning! To top it off, we are finally back at her normal dose and rate on her feeding pump!!! She has also had regular BM for 3 days! I think we are finally done with that horrible stomach bug!!!

I have lots to do today! Therapy, hair cuts, more therapy, and a meeting late this afternoon! I hope today continues to be as amazing as this morning! I will let you know!!

Pray for miracles!!!


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