Saturday, August 15, 2009

Namasté: I see the light within you and I honor it.

"Ian was a genuine soul full of love, compassion, sensitivity and respect for everyone. A servant leader with courage, character, conviction and integrity, Ian inspired each of us to find a way to contribute, make a difference, and be of service to our fragile planet. Thus, during Ian's earthly sojourn, he managed to do something extraordinary with his life: to find the spiritual light of love within, shine it on a world in need of mercy, grace and compassion, and motivate others to carry on his journey. That was his gift to us all."


We headed out to the skate park this morning for a Skate Competition. This was the first skate event we have ever been too.

This however was not just any skate event! This was put on to honor a very special young man named Ian "Wally" Wallace. Ian only lived 17 short years here on earth. I never knew Ian but after meeting his parents I am confident he was an amazing young man!!!

This was the 4th annual Skate for the Cause Event. Ian's parent's have started a non profit organization that gives out scholarships to College Freshman. They also have this skate event that benefits a local charity. This year they chose to donate all of the money raised to Makenzie for her ongoing therapy!!! WOW!!!

Today was a day full of overwhelming emotion! I feel so blessed! The Wallace's are wonderful people who loved their only child soooo much! To hear them talk about Ian was heart warming and heart BREAKING all at the same time! Please pray for them as I am sure the pain of loosing a child doesn't EVER go away!! Please visit their website and consider donating to their cause! It is a good one!!!

I am not sure how many kids participated nor how much money was raised. For tonight, it doesn't matter! Just being in the presence of so many wonderful people was an unforgettable experience! To know that our community cares about kids like "Wally" enough to gather for a whole day! To Cheer and offer a moment of silence for this family. To support such a worthy cause! Amazing! Then to top it off, be given such priceless gift! No words will ever be enough to describe how this makes me feel!

To the Wallace's ....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! The work that you are doing in Ian's name is beyond amazing! He will never be forgotten!!

To Continuum Skate Shop.... THANK YOU! Allison, with out your family's commitment to these kids none of this would be possible!

To ALL of the kids that showed up today to offer love and support to the Wallace's and what they are doing for our community... THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU!!! This was life changing for our family!

Here are some pictures I took today! I hope to also get some better ones from others that were there to share with you soon!


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