Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Boys

Tonight I want to brag on my boys for a while!

For the last two and a half years I feel like my boys have really gotten the short end of the stick. There is so much that we used to do that we just can't do right now. I have traveled near and far for therapy and feel as though I constantly have to put them off to take care of their sister.

It has gotten better over time but it is still not the normal they knew.

However, they love Makenzie so much. They protect her, play with her, ask to hold her, make her laugh, and they make her cry sometimes too. They are such good helpers. When they are not around you can tell that Makenzie misses them terribly!!

On the other side of that short stick my children have learned some invaluable things about life at a very young age! They have learned patients, they have learned how to care deeply for people that are not just like them, they have learned responsibility and independence. They have learned what it is to be a team. They have learned selflessness, they have learned how to give, and the list goes on.

Yes they are still little and yes they still need their mommy.

I am here! I never leave them in charge or Makenzie but I do ask that they help!

They all know how to run her feeding pump. They know what the error messages mean and for the most part can get it fixed! They know what makes her happy and love to help entertain her while I am busy doing stuff like making dinner! In fact on that note my oldest can even make dinner! He can plan it, get everything out, prepare it, and serve it.... ALL BY HIMSELF! Did I mention he is only 11! We are however still working on the cleaning dinner up part but I think he is off to a good start!!

They can put Makenzie in her chair, get her on the swing, walk with her around the house,and put on her favorite tv shows. They help me distract her at night from throwing her temper tantrums, and always come to her rescue when she is upset! They are great helpers during therapy too! I am not sure what Makenzie or I would do without them!

They are growing up soooo fast! They are such good kids! Yes, they have their moments! Yes, they are still children but they are on their way to becoming amazing young men!!!

I am so proud of ALL of them!


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