Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving in the Right Direction

Moving in the right direction! This morning I got to spend a good amount of time talking to most of the staff at Makenzie's new school over the phone. They all sounded really great!

It is really hard for me to try to tell them about what Makenzie needs and likes as it has become second nature to me! Sound Weird? Yeah it is! I just know her so well that I just do for her with out really having to think much about it.

Ok, the obvious, she LOVES kids, especially her brothers. She loves to swing, slide, and bounce. Anything that involves movement. She loves to have someone help her walk, and Play with Me Sesame is her FAVORITE show. Ernie makes her laugh. She loves music....most any kind however last week her OT was playing her some different types that she had on her i phone and Makenzie really digs Hip Hop! Crazy Girl!!

The hard stuff is trying to explain to them how to position her and what position she likes best as it changes daily. How to tell if she is engaging. Is she ignoring you or just zoned out. When to be worried and when to call 911! I just know these things! Makenzie doesn't need to talk... her mamma just knows!

I have decided that I am going to go to school with her until we leave for NAPA so that I can help them get to know Makenzie. There is no point in re inventing the wheel! That way I can show them first hand what Makenzie can do and what she likes.

The OT and PT from the school are coming tomorrow during her therapy so that they can meet Makenzie and see what we are working on. Also what they need to get for her in the classroom. I am so excited for them to meet her. We also may be going to the school tomorrow afternoon to check out the classroom and playground.

Makenzie did really well today in therapy. We put knee immobilizers on her legs and she did great standing. She is really feeling the weight shift and I so proud! The other thing we are seeing lately in standing is that her feet are flat on the ground without braces!

I also used the knee splints this afternoon to help her long sit. This also gets weight into her hips and give her aductors and hamstrings a good stretch. I put a little toy piano in front of her and she lifted her hands up to push the buttons! I am so thankful that we are finally starting to get those little arms and hands moving! Her hands, arms and shoulders also also continue to be much looser.

The best for last! A couple of days ago we went to Target to fill a RX. I took her to the toy section to check out the latest and greatest. As I said her favorite show is Sesame Street. Well, I found a bin with a bunch of character dolls in it. I picked up and Elmo and showed it to her. She gave me a big smile. So I went back and picked up an Ernie. I put it in fron of her and She paused, opened her mouth straitened her chest and let out a sound I have never heard before. She WAS trying to talk to me! She then gave me a big smile. I put Elmo back in front of her and she smile. Then Ernie again.... out came the same noise! AMAZING!!!

No I didn't buy the Ernie for her... although I really thought long and hard about it. From what I know about kids.... she would have never cared about that silly doll at home. SO we will have to go visit Ernie again next time we are at Target!!!

Tomorrow will be another crazy day at this house! Please keep praying! Makenzie continues to AMAZE me everyday!!!!


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