Monday, August 24, 2009

Me Time

I am exhausted tonight!

It is my own fault for not going to bed on time! After the kids are all tucked in bed I feel free! Well kind of... I am free to do what I want IN my house! It is the only time in my life that I can do what I want and feel like a person separate from my kids!

Most nights I am productive. Doing the laundry, dishes, cleaning the floors.... but I try to limit that some! If I do not give myself time away from chores... I feel like all I do is take care of kids and the house!

So what do I do?

For a while I was addicted to a Face book game called Farm Town. It was the silliest game. You plow fields, harvest crops, plant crops, and harvest other people's crops for money. Point, click, point click, point click!! That's it! Dumb right? Yeah really it was. However, after I started playing it and after getting several of my friend's addicted to it as well, I realized why I liked it so much. It was predictable. The only predictable thing in my life! When you planted cabbage, exactly 24 hours later... it was done. When you harvested it you always earned the same amount of coins. I eventually got enough points and coins to buy a mansion for my farm.. the only one I will probably ever have! I finished the game! FINISHED! DONE! I am over it now but it was fun and quite mindless! It was nice.

I am however still addicted to FaceBook! LOL!! It is a wonderful outlet for me. As someone who doesn't have a lot of time for a social life it allows me to connect with people near and far! At the rate I am chatting right now, this post may take an hour to write!

I am not huge into TV but I do have a few shows that I watch every week!

You will NEVER find me reading a book... don't know why, I used to love to read! Maybe it is because instead of reading books I read blogs! Oh and I write blogs!

This is also the time that I have to talk to my closest friends... ALONE!!! There is no one calling my name, fighting, or needing anything from me! There are no little ears dipping into my conversations. I am not doing therapy or running errands. There are no board games or skate tricks to interrupt. Imagine (some of you don't need to.... you live it with me) not getting to go to work. Not having adults to talk to. Not having a lunch break. Not enjoying the ride home from work with the radio basting.

This time that I get at night is priceless! Maybe I waste a lot of it away. Maybe not. I don't go to lunch with my friends...if I do I have at least one child with me... guess who? LOL. There are no weekend trips to Vegas. There are no early Saturday morning coffee outings to Starbucks. I always have company at the Super market. Woman's Retreat... what is that. Scrapbooking parties... yeah right! Are you following me? This is ok with me most days! I get me time! Just not the same way most of you get yours!

Am I jealous some days? OH YEAH!!! I would love to go camping and biking. I would love to spend the weekends on the ski slopes or hanging at the cabin. Oh how I would love to go out for coffee with a friend.

Yes all of those things are nice and they feel good in the moment but my heart is HERE! With my kids! With my family! There is really nowhere I would rather be then in my cozy home, with my kids tucked safely in there beds!

The boys had a great first day at school! Zach made it to school and back on the bus for the first time ever! When he got home we headed to the music store and rented him a violin for his orchestra class! This is also a first for him! He is still a boy and I had to play 20 questions with him to get any info on his day but I managed to squeeze out the highlights!

Makenzie had a pretty good day too! She doesn't start school until Monday so she had PT this morning and we focused on her right foot. Her therapist said that she was putting weight into it just fine. She thinks that she has however has made improvements with her movement and instead of giving a full extension response while standing she is trying to shift her own weight and getting used to the way it feels. We didn't get ANY pain responses so the idea that the muscles or nerves in her foot were damaged from the IV doesn't make since at this point. That is a good thing!!

Please keep praying! We leave for the NAPA center on Sept. 13Th! That is coming up FAST! Please pray for the stem cells to continue to grow and for God to lead them and allow them to work his Miracle! We believe! Pray!


ferfischer said...

Yay for me time! Mine is at night too! I wish I didn't need any sleep so I could just do fun stuff all night

Ray mumme said...

You have done a beautiful job on your blog, I fel like I know you now. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours.

I know you do not know me but I would like to try and help by sharing information that can truly make a difference. I know that you beleive and understand about adult stem cells and have seen a difference. We have been able to help 1000,s of people with 100's of different conditions by releasing your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow, it is a natural process, it is the way the body normally repairs itself.

The product is call StemEnhance we have multiply published peer review studies which prove this phenomenon. Two capsules release 3.5 million additional stem cells that is an increase of 25%.

God Bless,

Ray Mumme

Anonymous said...

OMG- wow Pam you have done an amazing job with this blog. I do not know how you do and how you have so much to say. Zion and I are thinking of you and yours and your in are prayers!

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