Thursday, August 13, 2009

Locker Fun!

What time is it?

Time for school to start!!! Ok so we still have one week but the fun has begun.

Zach had his middle school check in today! The school is HUGE. It is clean and very beautiful. He is so excited! We handed in all of the forms and got his locker! Oh boy! I have been helping him learn how to get a lock open this summer and they worked on it a ton at his transitional class last week. I know that he will get the hang of it! He did get it open 3 times by himself but it took quite a while.

We met one of the security guys... yes I said security...scary... he was VERY nice. He asked each of the boys what their names were. He looked at me and said... wow those are great names from the Bible. Did I mention this is a public school. It was a great feeling that he even noticed and then and acknowledged it! God is EVERYWHERE!

The boys had their last day of skate clinic this morning and learned a lot! They got a ton of practice and are looking so good!!! Must be time for their first competition! They are so excited!!! I am too.

This will be the first sport type activity that they have gotten into since Makenzie's accident. It has been so much fun!! It makes me want to put them back into sports but I am still not sure that I can handle all of the time and driving that those require! We shall see.

Zach is going to do track and basketball at school. This is so great for him... and me too! They will have practice after school and then a late bus will bring him home! This is so perfect as it won't require me to do all of the practice driving and waiting but I can still go to the games and meets!

The elementary check in is next week alone with an open house's for both schools. Zach also has 2 more days of stuff at his school before they acually go back to school for the year!

As far as Makenzie's school... no where closer... other then our first meeting of the yeat. I am very tired of it all! Just the thought is overwhelming! We will have our meeting with the school district at my house on Friday. There is a lot to talk about and not a lot of time! I wish this was going to be simple. It won't be. Just when you think it can't get any more complicated it does and tonight it did! I am not going to go into details but I am incredibly upset and very frustrated.

They need to understand that at the end of the day this is about Makenzie! It is about her right to have Free and Appropriate Education. It is about her need to be with her peers doing the things that 4 year olds do!It is about her being safe. It is about communication. It is about providing her with the correct equipment and services for her to do this functionally.

Am I asking to much? NOPE! No apologies here.

Makenzie is still doing great! She has been moving around on the ground a ton! She has been rolling a lot and I found her on her stomach several times today! Go Makenzie! She has been very loose and her range has been amazing! She has also looked great in her chair! She has been keeping her head up a ton more! Even today at the skate park in the sun!!! WOW!! Prayer Works!!!

I am going to head off to bed! I need to catch up on some rest! Keep praying! Thank You all for your support!


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