Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gowing Up!

Look at that face!!! Defiantly worth FIGHTING for!

Heart Stealer's!!!

The last day of summer break is official here and gone! The kids are all tucked in bed and ready for what tomorrow will bring!

New teachers and friends. New classrooms and for my oldest and youngest a new school! Even for children there are so many unknowns.

As I sat tonight at the dinner table watching my boys excited anticipation I was in awe of how grown up they are. It seems like yesterday that I was swaddling them and watching grow into little people. After they started walking, talking, eating real food, and drinking from a big cup, time seemed to stand still for me. I didn't think they would ever really grow up! Not that I wanted to speed up the process! They were going to be my babies for ever!

Yes they have had many more developmental milestones since then but none as big as the ones in the first year!

I look at them today and they are all SO grown up! My baby girl has lost her toddler face and is really starting to look like a big girl! I just bought my oldest a cell phone...yes.. I really did that! Zach is also to the point where he thinks he knows it all! Mom is becoming more dumb every day! LOL! Josh has finally lost some teeth and is going to be the child that gives me a run for my money during the teen years... even still he has a heart of gold!! Kaleb is such a strong, brave, confident young man! Makenzie, well she is just the happiest, most pleasant little princess I know! I am so proud!

As tomorrow comes and we start a new year I am so excited to see what it will bring! As always we have a ton to get done! New things to learn! More adventures to go on! Plenty of good times and I am sure our fair share of hard times!

The uncertainty of life is something that we will never understand! As we face the unknowns will we pull up our bootstraps and face each day with Gods Hope and promise or do we hide away wondering why our lives are so hard!

Eleven years ago when I became a mother I never ever imagined this was how my life would be! I never thought the day would come that I would send my baby on a bus with a cell phone in his pocket to middle school! I never thought that my only daughter would almost die! I never thought I would be in the world of IEP's, Stem Cell Therapy, HBOT, Neuro suit therapy, and every medical specialist under the sun.

This was NOT my dream! It is my reality! I love my life! Do I wish it had turned out a bit different... yes.. but tell me who wouldn't? I choose to pull up my bootstraps and face tomorrow and the next year with hope and trust that God is in control! He knows what I need and continues to take care of my every need.

Be looking for some BIG exciting stuff this year! I have some really cool stuff up my sleeve and I can't wait to share it with the world! God will continue to use this family for his glory! Will you let him do the same in yours?

Please keep praying!!!


Anonymous said...

Pam, you are inspiration to me and to so many others!! Your children are blessed to have you for their mom!! Enjoy every phase they are each in, it all goes by so quickly!!

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