Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grocery Fun

Have I already mentioned how ready I am for school to start!!!!

For starters I REALLY like to go grocery shopping ALONE!!! Today we had a bunch of errands to run. On of which happened to be going to the Grocery store. My kids are really pretty good but there is SO MUCH STUFF that every kid MUST have there! Every time I turned around one of them was holding something in my face... can we buy this! .... I have money at home... I will pay you back... we need this.. I want that..AHHHHHH. Then there is the battle over who will push the cart and even worse who gets to shofer Makenzie around the store. Makenzie would much prefer her brothers to push her because they are CRAZY!!!

It goes a little something like this.... Josh SLOW down.... Zach watch where you are going... Kaleb? Where he go?..... all the while Makenzie is laughing so hard she can barely breath! Oh by the way...That is how you locate

I am not sure how many looks of pity I got in the hour that we were there but I am pretty sure I would need more then 2 hands to count them. We are a WIDE load. One shopping cart; one wheel chair, myself and 4 kids. We get in the way. We take up 3/4 of the aisle. Sometimes I wonder if I don't look like I speak English as "excuse me" seems to be a hard phrase to come by these days.

Did I mention I can't wait for school to start?

One other thing I have learned this summer is that SAM's club is really not such a great deal! Yes, there are things like toilet paper and fruit snacks that are way cheaper. But not much else! In the end I end up spending way more at Sam's and don't even get everything I need to make a whole meal! I don't really know what cloud I have been living on for so long but I think my Sam's club days are coming to an end.

I have gotten ALL the details firmed up for our trip to NAPA! All that is left to do it PACK!!! Urg!

We also have a meeting on Friday with the school district. Makenzie is so ready to go back to school! Man, I hope it goes well! We have a TON to work out!

We have open houses for both the middle school and the elementary school tomorrow night. We also have school check in and 3 therapies all happening tomorrow! I really could use a house manager.... or maybe a day planner would do the trick! LOL

Please pray for our meeting on Friday! Pray that God would be present and that he would shine through! Pray that we make it through everything that needs to be taken care of so that Makenzie can start school next week! Pray that we will get her into the best program possible with teachers that will invest in her, love her, and most importantly,,, BELIEVE in her!!!

Believe.. Prayer Works!!!


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