Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Frequent Fliers

We are frequent fliers at the Children's Hospital for one reason or another. Today it was to have the rod removed from Kalebs arm. He broke his arm one week before school got out and one week before school is back in session for the year his arm is completely healed. Oh the wonder of our bodies!

Going in for this kind of stuff is always FUN!! It is a 6 hour trip for a 20 min surgery. The hospital policies always drive me crazy as my life doesn't fit into their box.

Did you know that children under 12 can't go into the recovery room but they can go into pre op and discharge? Well that would have been nice to know before I was standing there with all 4 of my children!

Needless to say I got it worked out... as I always do. The boys stayed in the waiting area and finished their lunch and they allowed me to take Makenzie into recovery even though she isn't 12.

he was in recovery for all of maybe 20 min. He had been there for about 10 min before they called me back. When I walked up to his bed he looked at me and said "Hi mom" The nurse laughed and told me how great he was as most kids come out of surgery VERY cranky!

They held us hostage for another hour in discharge before they let us go home. Kaleb had 2 slushies, a bag af animal cookies.. after the first offer of Gold Fish Crackers was turned down... and a pudding. Then he insisted on wheeling himself down stairs with his new favorite toy... the wheel chair. On the way out he asked that we stop in the cafeteria for some pizza and Gatorade. My boy was HUNGRY!!

What a trooper! You would NEVER know that he just had surgery and hasn't had one drop of pain medicine since we left the hospital!

The other 2 boys were great and Makenzie was also AWESOME!! She sat in her chair with her head up ALL afternoon! She was babbling and laughing to show off for all the nurses!

When we got home she rolled for me a couple of times and then it was off to bed!

All in all it was a great day! Now it is off to finish picking up, making formula, dosing meds, putting the boys to bed, doing the dishes folding the laundry, and trying to figure out why as of 2 hours ago my TV has sound but no picture!! NOT GOOD!!

If it not one thing it is another! I get my house painted and the roof fixed and the TV and the fridge break. I have no picture on the screen and a lake in the bottom of the fridge that I have to soak up daily! I hope that one day life will settle down and I will be able to breath. Just not today!! And that is ok!! I will wait patiently!!!

Keep praying!!!


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