Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Oh, do I wish I understood politics! Up until my Makenzie's accident I never really cared. Sometimes I voted others not. I never really understood and still really don't how this country is run. I get it at a very simple level.

After Makenzie's accident I was talking with a friend. It was around the time when the presidential race had just began. She was all into it. I blew her off.. saying I didn't really care. She then proceeded to remind me of all of the services that where and would in the future be given to my daughter. Most all of which came from the government. Finishing the conversation with "you better start caring!" HMMMMM.. Well i guess if you put it like that! LOL

I have since tried really hard to wrap my head around what is going on. I have gone to rallies on behalf of my favorite advocacy groups. I have been to the capital to listen in and share my story.

In the end.. I still don't get it!

I even get e-mails from several organizations that update on happenings at the capital.

No can do, still don't get it!

However, that has now turned into a bad thing... ignorance is not always bliss! Every time I turn around there is something staring me in the face about health care reform.

I am scared! Not for me but for my little girl!

With medical bills that top over $10,000 a month, this is huge for us! I want to understand but I don't. I don't want the Democratic view... nor do I want the republican view. I want the straight forward, no nonsense explanation of what the heck is going on! I am pretty sure that is not possible but i can dream right!

I want my daughter to get the care that she is getting! I want her to continue to get the therapy, the equipment, the nursing, the great doctors, the choice to have a second opinion, the ability to go to therapy clinics near and far to help her heal! I want to know that this will not all be ripped away from her!

I do not intend for this to turn into a debate... been there done that already tonight.. sorry Kim! I respect everyone has many different thoughts and views on this! That is ok! I just have a lot of anxiety about it all!

I do care! I want to see this issue fixed in a way that will help many! I want every mother out there to know that her babies will get the care that they need in time of sickness.

I have lived this for over 2 years now. Every waking moment! Every time I get out Makenzie's feeding pump, bags, extensions, formula. Two times every morning when her therapists come to work with her. Every time I put her in her walker. Her wheelchair. The talker, the medicine, diapers,the hospital, the ambulance, flight for life. Every thing other then the clothes on her back and the rubber bands in her hair have to do with some kind of medical insurance.

Please tonight get on your knees and pray for the leaders of this country! Pray that God would give them answers! Pray that God would grant peace to those of us that rely so heavily on this "system" for just basic existence! This is not just about Makenzie. Look through the list at the side of this blog for starters! Each and every single one of those families deal with this every day. Pray!

Makenzie had a great day! She is feeling much better!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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