Sunday, July 19, 2009

We made it!!!

Sorry it has taken so long for me to update!

We spent the last day in Costa Rica doing out last treatment and playing tourist!

Makenzie went in again at 10:30 for her last injection and to have the IV removed. She was pissed!!! However we managed ALL of the procedure in Costa Rica with out any vomit which is amazing!

We left there and got in a van and went out for lunch and to a butterfly garden about 20 min away from our hotel. It was very pretty! Makenzie enjoyed looking at all of the butterflies and green trees and flowers! The real entertainment to all of these outings was the drive there and back! It is amazing how these people live and yet they are so happy and kind!

We stopped by the hotel for a few minutes and then we left to go back to ICM for a tour of their lab! It was AMAZING!!!! They showed us all of the machine used and explained the process of screening, reproducing,and harvesting the cells. It was so clean and all of the people there were using universal precautions. WOW!!! We got to see the cells after they pulled them out of one of the machines. They were in bottles with a suspension substance. On the bottom was a little clump of cells! 300,000,000 to be exact! I was so excited to see this process in action. Makenzie's OT was also there and we sat for a bit and had question and answer time which was also great!!! I wish I could put it all in writing and maybe one of these days I will but it is sooooo much information! All I have to say is that I feel GREAT about the decision we made to go to ICM!

We then came back to the hotel and Stephanie gave Makenzie a massage and worked with her for 2 hours! Thanks Steph! Makenzie was amazing! She was putting her arm above her head. She was showing us where he eyes and mouth were on command, she arched her hips, and mover her arms and legs with her head up in all fours!! WOW!!! We are in the wait and see phase of this treatment. I am trying really hard not to read into every breath see takes but most of the things listed above she has never done!

I packed up a bit while Makenzie was playing with Steph and then off to bed Makenzie went!

We had lots of good byes to say that night! I was so sad! We met so many wonderful people! I have a e mail list so hopefully we will be able to stay in touch!!! I feel so blessed by the whole experience! I truly feel as though God opened this door and with the help of all of you we were able to walk through it! Once again.. THANK YOU!!!

We then made our trip home! We were up and ready and in the van by 6:30am and arrived at our front porch at 7:30pm last night! LONG! We just made out connecting flight after customs and immigration. Makenzie got a bath and went right to bed!!! She slept great!!

I took one look at my computer and shut it... made formula and also went to bed!! Sorry! I feel rested and hungry! LOL!! We haven't been home for 2 weeks so the fridge is empty!!! After Makenzie goes to bed I will have to get on that!

Makenzie's PT stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon to see how we were. She put Makenize on her lap and was amazed at how good she felt! She said that she is much more balanced and holding her trunk really well!! She has been flexing a lot less as well! Once again I am trying not to think about it... it is impossible!! They say you can see immediate results but most common is 3-6 months so now...we wait!!!

Keep praying for the cells to work! Pray that God would bless Makenzie with growth and finish what man can not!!! ALL OF THE GLORY TO GOD! Thanks for everything!!!

I also posted more pictures on dropshots.(photo link above) Check them out!


Shauna said...


This is Shauna, Christian's mommy. I got your message on my blog and I just read about your trip to Costa Rica. I'm so glad you were able to that!!!

I was trying to find an alternate way to contact you but I couldn't find an email address so please feel free to contact me at

In the early days, if you have some time, please tell me what it was like for you. Also, how in the world do you make all this stuff happen. I'm willing to do anything for my son's recovery so I'm looking for a starting off point. Actually, I know my starting off point is getting out of the hospital and getting him well enough to travel to Phoenix for HBOT.

Anyway, I'm glad you had a safe trip back! Makenzie is beautiful!

God bless,

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