Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Made It!!!

We are in COSTA RICA!!!! It was a long day of traveling but Makenzie did GREAT!!! SHe is such a little trooper!!!

We were met right off the plane by a gentleman who helped us get our bags and make it through customs! Well the other way around but what ever! Right as we got to the baggage claim the people from ICM were there to great us in English!!! AHHHHH!!! They helped us to the van and with in 15 min we were at the hotel and breathing much easier!!!

The hotel is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is CLEAN and the people are great!!! We have a full kitchen with a microwave and 2 bedrooms!!

We have already met several people and their families that are here for treatment! Every one is so kind!!!

I unpacked, made formula... with my $4 bottle of water... the money exchange thing is a bit rough!!! LOL!! Then Makenzie puked all over her daddies white shirt! I knew that was going to happen! It is hard on her to travel!

She is soundly sleeping right now!!! Pray for a good nights sleep and no more puke!!!

They gave us a great binder with all kinds of info in it! It includes a little spanish chart... I will be needing that!! LOL It also has all the times of our appointments,,,, so here it is:

Monday 9am apointment at ICM... not sure what that is about but...
12pm IV placement at hospital under General sedation.
*Everyone we have talked to has said the hospital is great! They will be drawing blood to test as well and seperating Makenzie's serum to mix with the donor cells.

Tues 10:30am 1st injection

Weds 10:30am 2nd injection

Thurs 10:30am 3rd injection

Fri 10:30am 4th injection

Please hit your knees at these time for Makenzie! Only God can Finish what man has started!!! Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers!!! With out ALL of you we would not be here today!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!


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