Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Fun!

Today was another wonderful day!!! We did a lot of resting and socializing! I do however miss my boys! It is hard this time because I don't really have the option to pick up the phone and call!!

We got up and had breakfast here. They serve it free every morning. They had some "normal" stuff and also some quite interesting but good food. There is no bath tub so I carefully showered Makenzie and we were ready for the day!

The people here are amazing!!! We sat by the pool and chatted for a good long while thing morning!

Then we headed out down the street for some Chineese food as the resteraunt at the hotel is closed on Sunday. It was such a fun experience! There are some english speaking nationals here but not many! The money conversion is a bit crazy but they will change it right here at the hotel so it has worked out ok.

When we got back Jodie and her gang where just getting in from the airport! WOW!!! Lets just say it is going to be very hard to say goodbye!

We just got back from dinner and Makenzie is sleeping soundly! She has been so good today!!! Thank you for all of your prayers! She didn't have any stomach problems today and I even got in some extra as she will not be able to eat after 4:30am and will only be getting clear fluid tomorrow as she vomited after General sedation 3 weeks ago.

Tomorrow we go in to ICM to meet the doctors and ask any questions we still may have. I must say I don't have many! Then at 12:30pm we will be going to the hospital to have the IV placed! Everyone has told me how wonderful it is and amazingly I am ok with it..... for the moment!! Please pray for Makenzie tomorrow at 12:30pm Mountian time. I have felt all of your prayers and they mean so much!!!

Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray!!! Believe.... Prayer Works!!!


ferfischer said...

Thinking of you guys! It will be a great week! I'm thankful Matt speaks Spanish so when we go, it's easy for us to get around! But it sounds like you're doing great! I'll continue to think of you guys all week!

Molly said...

We are praying hard for you all -
here in Alaska. So hoping that this week will mark some awesome changes in little M's life.
Love to you guys,
Kristian and Molly

Anonymous said...

Praying everyday at 10:30 for the cells to go to the right place and for God to use this in a big way in Makenzie's life!

Jeff McGovern said...

Pam, Chris and Mackenzie:

Our family is praying for yours and especially for your specific requests-that the good stuff from the stem cells goes where it's supposed to go and does what it is supposed to do.


The McGovern's

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