Saturday, July 25, 2009

Short and Sweet!

Short, sweet and to the point tonight! I am exhausted! It has been a very busy 3 weeks and I think it is catching up with me!

Makenzie had a good day! Around noon however she started sneezing! This usually always means she is getting a cold. Well by the time she went to bed she was pretty stuffy! Please pray that she gets over this fast! She was exposed to a cold all week so this doesn't surprise me but it still doesn't make it any more fun! At least I know it isn't some funk from Costa Rica!

I gave her little feet several good rub downs tonight and right before bed she put her foot on the floor and walked a bit for me! She laughed and was so excited! She still won't put her whole foot on the ground flat but we are getting closer to being back to normal! Baby steps! Yeah! Prayer works!

Please keep praying for those little cells to be working and that this cold comes and goes REALLY fast!!! Like maybe by the time she gets up tomorrow!!! Yeah yeah pipe dreams!!! Miracles happen everyday! Pray!!!


ShaunaQ said...

Praying that cold makes a run for it!

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