Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roll Away!

Today was a much better day!!

The painters showed up at about 7am and promptly started banging on the house! I guess that was my wake up call!!! LOL! They are doing a GREAT job!! My house looks a ton better and all that has been done so far is some scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming! I can't wait until they start putting the new paint on!!!

Makenzie did really good in therapy today! To be quite honest I can't recall what we worked on! That was 13 hours ago!!! I do know that we got her in the gait trainer and she tooks some really nice steps! She is still favoring her leg. She is testing the waters now though and she has been setting it down putting a bit of weight on it and then lifting it up. When distracted she will stand on it! Little DIVA!!!

I tried to just enjoy today for what it was... another day to love my kids! The boys played a ton and trashed the kitchen making Ramon noodles! I am not sure how that is possible but they did and I didn't say anything!

I had to send my truck off to the shop on the back of a flatbed this afternoon. I really hate that! Please pray that it isn't something horrible! It seems like the second you deplete the bank account something always jumps out and bites you! At least in my life it does! Oh well, it is nothing that a hug at the end of the day and a gentle reminder that we have been through so much worse can't fix!

Makenzie and I spent a good amount of time rolling around on the floor today! She gets really stuck in her hips so I worked a lot with the side to side. She is really good at turning her head but then she forgets to bring her feet and she gets stuck trying to move them over. She did great today!! I layed on one side and then I had Kaleb walk into the room and she would roll over to see him!!! It was soooo cute! At least four time she rolled ALL the way from one side to her back to the other side ALL be herself!!! The rest I had to do a bit of prompting but not all that much!! GO MAKENZIE!! Answered prayer! New HOPE!

Please as always keep praying! Tonight also pray for Christian and his mommy as they are in a new, scary, different place tonight! It is a cause for celebration as he is no longer in the PICU but it also change and that is hard! I remember the first night that we spent in rehab after the PICU! It was hard! It was lonely and quite scary as there where not doctors and nurses everywhere watching Makenzie like a hawk! Please pray!!! Believe.... Prayer works!!!!


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