Saturday, August 1, 2009


It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to for the apperance of a home! The painting crew was bright and early again this morning! I have a brand new house! It looks GREAT!!! We will do the final walk through tommorow and any last touch ups and then we will be DONE!! Then on to the roof next week!!! I feel like I live in a danger zone!

I was VERY tired again today! I am not sure if it is the last month catching up with me or if it is a cold coming on! My ears feel clogged and I feel like the life force has been sucked right out of me!

Makenzie had a pretty good day today! She was a bit cranky this afternoon but over all her happy self! Her g tube button seems to be bothering her a bit! She jumps everytime anything touches it. It looks fine so I am not sure what is going on but I put some cream on it and hope that it helps!

We have been working hard on some new excersizes that we were given for her mouth. We are trying to get her to close it more so that she can suck and form words. I was watching her put her hand in her mouth today and to my disbelief she was able to get her top lip down on her hand! Go Kenz!!

I am off to bed.t Please keep praying!!! Makenzie is doing soooo well! Pray that her foot coninues to feel better and her button stops bothering her! Thank you so much!


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