Friday, July 24, 2009


WOW! Busy is an understatement!

Makenzie is doing really well! She is back to therapy and doing VERY well! All of her therapist are very impressed at how well she is back into the swing of things!

She had speech twice this week and was pushing her switch with BOTH hands! In PT today she push up in prone and her left wrist did NOT roll over!!! Little things, but HUGE miracles!!!

She is however not wanting to do much weight bearing. I am not sure what is the root, It could be a few things. Pain, bruising, or swelling from the IV in Costa Rica, lack of weight bearing while gone for 2 weeks, or that she is gaining more sensation and she is not sure what to do with it! Please pray for her to be ok with standing and walking soon! This has happened a couple of times in the past and she work through it! Pray that she gets over this soon!

We started seeing a Orofacial Myologist this week as well. Makenzie has a very small palate and she doesn't have much lip closure. We spent about an hour taking measurements and trying a few things and going over some exercises. She gave me some little dots to stick to the top of her mouth to encourage her to explore with her tongue. It worked! She has been playing with it all day today and trying to close her lips! We will be seeing her for about 15 weeks!

Please keep praying for Makenzie! Pray for restoration and for the Stem Cells to go to the right places!!! Pray for weight bearing! Pray! Believe.. prayers works!


Shauna Quintero said...

I'm saying prayers for your Makenzie! She's a strong girl and I'm sure she'll be able to work through anything.

Praying for stem cells to work.
Praying for weight baring.
Praying for healing and restoration.


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