Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A little R@R!!

Today we did a whole lot of NOTHING! We got up and had breakfast. Kenzie and I sat by the pool for a little while and chatted. The weather here is GREAT! There are times of beautiful sun and it is just the perfect temperature! The day we got here everyone said that like clockwork at 1pm it would down pour. Not since we have been here!!!

This morning it was raining a bit when we walked to ICM. We walked really fast think that it was going to start dumping rain. It didn't! The clinic is only like a block away. They have drivers that come to pick you up in a van but it seems so much easier just to walk!

While we were waiting at ICM I was talking to one of the ladies that works there. I asked what a neighbor hood in Costa Rica looked like. She looked back at me a said "this is it"! Wow, I couldn't even imagine! She said this area was like a buisness neighborhood and that others were just like it more or less with narrower streets! Hard to imagine! There seems to be very little traffic law and pedistrians do not have the right of way!!! LOL! It is SOOO different!

I also found out that Health Care in Costa Rica is free!! I guess when you are sick it can take up to 3 weeks to be seen or you have to stand in line ALL day at the clinc in hopes to be seen! I am not feeling the socialized medicine thing! The hospital (CIMA) that we went to is private and was beautiful and is not free.

Makenzie did great with her injection today. She still cried but we got it done and it seemed a bit easier!

She was MUCH looser today. In fact her hands were wide open most of it! She had the lady at the desk a high five ( Makenzie style) and she had a great time playing with Charlie and his daddy! The two of them are so much alike!

Instead of going out to dinner we ended up ordering pizza. It worked out great and Makenzie got to bed on time for the first time since we have been here! She was so tired!!

Makenzies OT will be flying into Costa Rica tonight. We are so blessed to have such a great group of therapists!!! I can't wait for her to get here!! I am hoping that wwe can get a tour of ICM's lab tomorrow so we can see were the cells are procesed! That will be VERY interesting!!

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers!! Round number 3 is at 10:30 again! Please pray!!!


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