Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flat Feet

Makenzie seems to be doing better and better everyday!

Today during therapy we worked on rolling and weight bearing! She did great! With a little help she does very well with rolling! We have not worked with Makenzie on this for a while... you would never know! Her therapist was also able to get her on flat feet! YEAH!!! She is so sensitive on her feet for some reason! It could be 2 weeks with out therapy, improved sensation and growth of nerves from stem cells, or maybe tight hamstrings or heel cords. Who knows. The important thing is it is slowly getting better!

After therapy I decided to try putting her in her gait trainer and she did great! It wasn't as pretty as past attempts but much better then a few days ago! On Tues when we tried she cried, flexed and lifted her feet off the floor and was left dangling! So I will take not pretty!! She walked across the family room about 5 times! Smiling and laughing all the way!

The boys went to the skate park this afternoon and had a blast! It was the perfect day as it was overcast and a bit cool! Makenzie loves to watch all the the kids zoom past her!

Tonight at bed time Makenzie gave me a run for the money! I layed with her for 2 hours and she was just as wide eyed at 6pm (normal bed time) as she was at 8pm when I gave up and brought her back downstairs! Little stinker! Finally at 10pm I rounded everyone up and Makenzie was tickled pink that she was going to bed with her brothers! 5 min later she was sound asleep!

I am seeing so much personality! She is so smart! Is it the Cells? Your guess is as good as mine! I would say yes! She has been so much more aware and turning into quite the little Diva! I LOVE it!

I also confirmed our dates for the Napa center today and sent in our flight request to Miracle Flights! I can't believe that trip is creeping up on us so quickly! I am getting so excited!

In other Kaleb got his cast taken off yesterday! It was bitter sweet! After not moving his wrist for 7 weeks he was in quite a bit of pain last night. He seemed to be doing much better today though. He still has the rod and pins in his arm. Those will be removed in 3 weeks! Yeha!!

Please keep praying! Believe.. Prayer Works!!!


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