Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney Magic!!!!!

Ok, before I get to Disney I want to tell the world how blessed I am!!! It has been a great week!

Kenzie and I got home last night safe and sound! I got up this morning to meet the insurance adjuster. After the last hail storm I decided that I could give filing a claim a try and well.... it worked!!!! We are getting a new roof!!! God is GOOD ... ALL THE TIME! This has been a large financial burdon that has now been lifted off our shoulders!!! We are also going to have enough from the claim to paint the entire house!!! WOW!!! I am still in shock!!!

Also as we get ready to pack and go to Costa Rica I am feeling better then ever!! God has opened all of the doors for this trip and I am at great peace!! THANK YOU to every one who donated and prayed for this endever!! With out you and God's blessing none of this would be possible!!! Please pray for us this week!!! I hoped to get exact times of our appointments but the e-mail I recieved just had the first one on Monday at 9 am! They will give me the rest of the times at that appointment! Pray HARD!!!

Ok on to the Best vacation EVER!!! We had so much fun!!!!

We left on Friday morning and landed in Orlando and hit the ground RUNNING!!! The boys made it to the pool with my dad while I settled Makenzie in and my mom headed to the Wal Mart to get food!

Saturday we got up and headed to Disney's Magic Kingdom! They are not lying! It is truly the most Magical Place on earth!! We had so much fun! Makenzie was able to ride on all the ride there but two! She was not tall enough! LOL!! I MADE Joshua go on Splash Mountian... yes I am a mean mom! Oh man... ya should've been there to see his eyes... oh and tears on the way up the big hill!!!! After we got off the ride however... he asked to go again!!! I knew that would happen! Just had to break the ice!!! We saw the parade and did some hula hooping on Main street! We went back to the condo for a bit and headed back out for the fire works and the parade! Makenzie did great all day until the very end!! Such a trooper!

Sunday we went to the Animal Kingdom! This day started a bit rough! We wwent on the Safari and it was too much heat for Makenzie! I was about to go back to the condo. We found the Lion King Show... inside... and after that she was good for the rest of the day! We had a great time and Mount Everest was the favorite ride here!! 3 times back to back fovorite!!!

Monday was Epcot! They had a ton of stuff to do! We did all the rides and walked around the lake to see all of the different conteries! We saw a show in the America part that was great! Epcot is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tuesday we finishe up Disney World with MGM! We saw a stunt show, a show on Walt Disney, rode the Rocken Rollercoaster... Kaleb chickened out... and the Tower of Terror! The best ride however by far was the toy story one! This was a 4D contest. You had to shoot and hit different targets! As hard as we all tried... Grandpa won both times!!! I came in a close second which I thought was great considering I was holding Makenzie and had to shoot and aim with one hand!!! That night we went to Fantasmic!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That show just sums the Magic of Disney up!!! I cried....yes I know.... I am emotional!!!

Wendsday Makenzie and I headed home and the boys went with grandma and grandpa to Kennedy Space center and to the ocean! I guess it rained a lot but they still had fun!!!

OH HOW BLESSED WE ARE!! Makenzie did great the whole trip! I did not have to leave my boys the whole time and we got to feel sort of normal for a while!! I don't care how pretend Disney is.... It was MAGIC... real magic for my family!!! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for this trip!!! I don't think anything will ever top it!!!

Well, it is time for me to go pack... again! LOL!! I will try to post lots while we are gone!!! Please, please pray!!! God is with us and he hears! Pray that the cells they inject through the IV into her blood stream go to where they need to and form new cells to bring healing! Once again... THANK YOU ALL!!! We would not be here without each and every one of you1!!!!!


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