Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have given up on trying to go back to sleep so I thought what better to do then blog!! LOL!! I posted some pictures in the post below so check them out!!!

Makenzie did great today!!

We got up and I gave Makenzie the last bath/shower she will get until friday night! That should be fun to do dirty hair!! OOh my! Then we got so breakfast and sat for a bit and chatted by the pool! Our appointment was at 9. The clinic is about 1.5 blocks away from the hotel so we met Jodi and Charlie out front and walked!

San Jose is a bit crazy! Oh the simple things we take for granted!! It has been beautiful and even though it is rainy season here we have only seen a few drops of rain!

Our first appointment went VERY well! We filled out some paperwork and then we got to do meet with one of the doctors! Right from first glance I felt great about ICM! The doctor sat and talked with me for about 20 min and snswered ALL of my questions! He even answered a few I didn't know I had!!

I asked him about all of the different protocol ideas there are out there about the best way to give Stem Cells and the answer to each made a ton of since! WOW!! I am still amazed!

We came home and relaxed for about an hour and then got into ICM's van and headed to CIMA Hospital. It was beautiful! They checked us in and a nurse came and got Makenzie and I first. They would only allow one other person so I think Chris was a bit bummed!

At this point I started to feel a bit scared! There waas only one nurse where we were that knew english! They took all of her measurements and when the doctor from ICM got there they took her back..... with out me!!! At this point I thought I was going to loose it!!! I felt all of the prayers and knew that God was there and that he has brought us here so all would be fine! It was!

They tried to place the IV in her arms but her veins were to small so they put it in her foot. They also took a few vials of blood to test and then they will mix they cells with her own serum.

Makenzie was SCREAMING!!! I picked her up and she stopped for a brief second and then started in again! She was blotchy faced, coughing, and her lip was even quivering! I have never seen that before! I thought it was from the drugs as I have heard that can be a reaction kids have sometimes but she just wouldn't stop! Then she started pulling up on her leg and I realized that it much be from pain! I asked the one nurse that spoke english for some meds and they brought her some tylenol! When we left she was still scream but the second we stepped out the door and into the lobby guess what happened..... yep... you guessed it... she stopped!!! Smart Girl she is!! LOL!

As soon as Lil Charlie was out and ready to go we hopped back in the van and headed back! A big sigh of relief!! The hard part is no OVER!!!

Makenzie started complaining again about her foot at about 6pm and would not go to sleep!! She just cried! I called the doctor on his cell phone and he PICKED UP!! AMAZING!! He said that giving her pain meds was totaly fin and would not affect anything! In fact he offered to bring us some!!! WOW!!!!! I had some tylenol so I gave her some and she drifted of to sleep about 9pm. I fell aleep with her and woke up to her wimicing about 12am. I gave her more meds and she and I fell back to sleep. I woke up at 3:30 am after sleeping for 7 hours ready to go!!! AHHHHH! I think I will be taking a nap this afternoon!!!

Makenzie gets her first Stem Cell injection today at 10:30am! Please pray that God would send the cells to the areas that Makenzie needs them the most!!!! Pray pray pray pray!!! Charlie... Makenzize's little friend will also be recieving Stem Cells then as well so send up prayers for him too!! God hears!!! Please give him something to listen to!!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! Keep checking the side bar for short updates throughout the day!!! It's gonna be a good one I just know it!!!


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