Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children's Museums

Today was GREAT!!

Makenzie has been getting up at about 6am! We got up and I gave Makenzie a sponge bath and did her hair! Breakfast is ok and we sat by the pool and talked with all of the wonderful people also here with ICM.

Makenzie's OT flew in last night and met us at the clinic this morning to see what this is all about and hang out! Makenzie did great! She cried... yes... but we got it done!

We left there and came back to the hotel and sat for a bit. We then walked up to the subway and all managed to order sandwiches for lunch. Language barriers are so much fun!!! It is quite the experiance!

We decided to be tourists for the day and headed out to the Childrens Museum! We had the hotel call for a van and off we went! San Jose is very different then anything I have ever seen! You get to the top of the hill and can see hills covered with little metal shacks that are homes! Everyone of them has metal bars all of the way across the front and some even have barb wire across the top! Motorcycle seem to have the right of way EVERYWHERE! The buses are always packed with people and they are all over!!! The streets are narrow and also packed with people. Shops and homes are mixed and road side fruit stands are very common

As we pulled up to the museum our driver told us that the building used to be a prison! The museum was nicer then I thought it would be. A lot of the exsibits were broken and most of the toys the kids thought were cool I have in my living room! It was surly eye opening! They had coffee bushes and bannanas trees and showed how they processed them. They had a real helicopter and a train engine! There was a simulated earthquake that Makenzie loved and a floor piano that lit up when you stepped on it! We stad for about an hour and our driver was outside waiting for us when we were done.

Then it was rush hour and the roads where even more crazy!

We got home and got Makenzie ready for bed!

She is doing so well!!! Her OT was so suprized at how loose she was!!! She is sleeping now! One more injection and we are done and the IV comes out!! She will be soooo happy! We leave on Saturday mornig!! I am ready to get back to life!!!! Remind me in a week that I said that!!! LOL!!!

Please pray for us tomorrow! Also start praying for safe travels home!!!


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