Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer is Here!

It has been a good week! Busy as always but good!

The beginning of the week was nice with now severe weather in the early afternoon so I loaded up the kids and we made our way to the skate park! The boys had a ton of fun and Makenzie did great under the shade tree!!! It was so much fun to see the boys be boys and leave all in one piece with no more broken bones!! LOL

I know that activities like this may be asking for more injuries but as I have told many, I refuse to live in a bubble! No, I am not getting rid of the tramp and will not dis allow my boys to be boys!

Kaleb's arm is healing well! We went to the hospital Monday. They cut his cast off and that did not make him very happy! Then they took him to get x rays and when they tried to supenate his arm is was a river of tears! Poor kid! They checked his range of motion. This was a bit of as the muscles in his arm were damaged by the ulna and radius breaking right through them. He had a hard time straightening them out which means the muscles are very tight and a bit short! So the homework was to get him to use his hand more! Good luck to me! He wants nothing to do with that! His nerves were laying right on top of the break and there seems to be no damage in that area! Praise God!!

Makenzie has been doing very well in therapy this week! Her PT was back from a week of vacation and Makenzie was so happy to see her! She had speech today and Makenzie told her "see ya later alligator" when her PT told her bye! It was so cute!!

I am starting to get very excited about our upcoming events in July!!!

We leave July 3rd for Disney World! The boys couldn't be more excited!!! 3 years this was our Christmas present from my parents and for obvious reasons we have not been able to go until now! We are so excited! Thank You Mom and Dad!

Makenzie and I will return on the 8th to get ready for our trip to COSTA RICA!!! I am so excited!!! This has been a LONG time in the coming and it is finally almost here! Not only are we going to get SCT for our beautiful baby girl but will FINALLY meet a very close friend of mine!!!! I am not sure which I am more excited about! Both of our families have similar stories and our kids are about the same age! CAMP COSTA RICA here we come!!!

Lastly we will be traveling to California the middle of Sept for Neuro Suit therapy! I am sooo looking forward to this!!! She is so ready and the NAPA Center is an amazing place! We will also be seeing a couple very close friends there! We have met so many wonderful people in the last 2 years! Wow the next few months should be GREAT!!!

Please keep praying! Pray for safety in our travels and for the therapies to really help Makenzie!!! Pray that for the time we will be gone that the boys will be safe and happy!! Thank You for all of your support! We have a ton to get done in the next two weeks! Pray that we can get it all done and be ready for our upcoming adventures!!! Thanks! Believe... Prayer works!!!!


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