Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lots Happening!

Here is a quick video of Kenzie giggling!! She thought her brother opening and shutting the door was VERY funny!!!

Man we had a busy weekend!!!

Saturday was not to bad!! We went to the swimming pool for the first time this summer with some friends of ours! The boys had a great time!!! Makenzie wanted to get in so bad but I didn't feel like if was warm enough!!! So we sat and watched! She thought the kids jumping in the pool was just as much fun as getting in!!!

On Sunday Makenzie and I went up to a farm in Sadelia. We got to taste some wine... ok I got to taste some wine... the owners of the farm make rightin the basement!!! The cool thing about this was that the woman who lives there raised her daughter for 29 years. Her daughter also had very special needs!!! It was cool to meet someone that has walked down this road before us and to see how well they are doing!!! She wrote a book that I would love to read!!! One day I will cross that off my list!!!

Sunday night... well Monday morning... Makenzie decided to wake up around 12 am screaming, thrashing around, and coughing up VERY thick mucous! She was having a very hard time managing it and she was terrified!!! So was I!!! I called 911 and we took a ride to the hospital!!! They did a chest x ray and it was clear, She stopped coughing and seemed to have cleared it all out so they discharged us at 3 am with no car, no car seat and no ride home!!! We got home just fine and Makenzie seems to be doing much better!

In talking with her pediatrician he thinks it was from the allergy medicine I had just started giving her! I guess in the process of drying out your sinuses it can cause the drainage to become much thicker! Needless to say we have stopped that medicine!!!

Monday we were blessed to meet some wonderful people that I have been talking to on the internt!! They have been faithfully praying for Makenzie for the last 2 years and I was SOOOO honored to finally get to see them face to face!!! Although to short we had a GREAT time and their visit was PRICELESS!!! Thank you queenmimi and family!!! That meant so much to me!!!

Today we were back to therapy as usual and Makenzie did really well!!! We are gearing up for our trip to Costa Rica!! It is sneaking up on us very quickly!! Thank You for the many thoughts and prayers!!! Keep Praying!!! Prayer Works!!! THANK YOU!!


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