Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well this has been a VERY long weekend!!!

Friday afternoon after school the kids had some friends over and where outside playing! I had just gotten done giving Makenzie a bath and she was in her pj's, her hair was done and formula was made. I was talking with my friend in the living room when I heard Kaleb screaming! As I reached the back door so did he! I took one look and screamed! Kaleb's right arm was bent in a place that it shouldn't be bent! My friend took the boys and I loaded Kenzie and Kaleb into the truck! It was the LONGEST ride to the hospital... ok well maybe close to the longest! I kept asking him what color his fingers where because I know if I looked I would be on the floor! Not a good place to be when your son needs you to be strong! I called my mom on the way and she met me down there. There was no way I could do this alone with Makenzie!

We got to Children's and of course there where tons of people in the waiting room and in line to be checked in! I bypassed the line and told the lady that my son had a VERY broken arm. She looked at him and told me that I had to get in line!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at her and asked if I should go to the parking lot and call 911 so i could get some help!!! She told me I could ask if the other parents minded if we went first!!! WHAT!!!!! So we got checked in and then where told to go back and wait!!!!! Finally they triaged him and took us right in to get a x ray! Then back to the waiting room as they didn't have an open room! With in about 10 min we were heading back to a room. The doctor walked in and told us that Kaleb had a broken arm. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM really!!!!

Then the orthopedic surgeon came in and told us what he would be doing. They put a iv in Kaleb and brought him to a different room and sedated him. I left only to be called back 10 min later to be told they couldn't fix it like that and he needed to go to the OR for it to be cleaned out as the bone had broken through the skin. So off we went to the OR.

It was funny as the doctor was explaining the procedure I was asking questions and making comments. She looked at me and asked if i had medical experience!!!! HMMM.. I looked at her and said "yes, just not the kind you think I have!" She told me that the questions and comments that I was making most parents have no clue about! Well I guess I have learned more then I thought!! It is funny when you use big medical words around doctors! They don't know what to say and then start talking to you in different, less dumb downed language! The surgeon told me he was going to give Kaleb a med to reduce his secretions... I looked at him and said.. "robinal"... he looked at me confused and said "yes actually that is it!" FUNNY!!

He was then fully knocked out and a rod was placed in his arm. When he woke up it was just pasted 12 am. They took us to a room for the night as they wanted to give him 24 hours of IV abx! My mom left and I laid out the window seat mats on the floor and snuggled up next to Makenzie and we all drifted to sleep! Until that is the noisey nurse came in!!! I know they had to! Still there is no rest EVER when at a hospital!!!

Needless to say we walked through the door to our little blue house around 4:40 pm yesterday! We were all exhausted! I gave Makenzie a bath and put her to bed at 5:30pm!!!

When I came downstairs Kaleb looked at me and asked if his friend could come over!!! You would never know if it wasn't for the big black cast on his arm that he had a broken, rod lined arm, placed in the OR less then 12 hours before!!! So that is what he got! He is such a BRAVE boy!!! I am sooooo proud of my Kaleb man!!!!

We laid low this morning! Kaleb slept until 11:30 am! Then it was back to almost normal with a house full of boys! Mine and the rest of my neighborhood!!!

Then the rain and hail came. Followed by the tornado warning! So now all the boys where in the basement! I am not sure how many but kinda looked like a clown car only in my basement!!

After the sun came back out I sent all that were not mine home and we headed to SAM's Club! We came home with no food 2 hours later! Turns out that the tornado warning wasn't just a warning! The mall (10 min) from my house had been hit!!! There was a car upside down, the fronts of several stores where gone, glass everywhere! It was crazy!!! I took picture but I have no clue how to get them off of my phone!! I guess I am not as tecky as I once thought!

I figured it out!!! Yippee!! I have redeemed myself!

So now ALL of the kids are sound asleep! Whew!!!! I am going to go catch up on all the house stuff that didn't get done and prepare for the last 2 days of school!!! Zach graduates from 5th grade tomorrow!!! My baby... ok not so much any more.... is going to Middle School!!! WOW!!!! Kaleb has made it very clear that he is going to school tomorrow!!! We will have to see!!! If that is to happen he will be needing a serious scrub down!!! I have never had a broken bone or dealt with any type of cast so I am still not sure how to do that without getting his arm wet but I will figure it out!!! I always do!!

Keep praying!!!! Pray for Kalebs arm to heal quickly!!!! Pray for the upcoming Stem Cell therapy. Well we just need healing around here!!! LOL Pray, Believe.... Prayer works!!!


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