Friday, May 8, 2009

Talker Video

Sorry.... I know that you are all probably on video overload! Here is some video that I took today of Makenzie and her new speech therapist. She has so much fun using the talker and playing games! Her therapist continues to tell me how amazed she is at how fast Makenzie has picked this up!!! She was a bit tired this afternoon as she had 2 PT sessions before this appointment but she still did really well!!!

The first video is the auditory scanning with a switch to activate it. She is doing so well using her hands to push the switch! Her PT and I were talking today about how incredibly amazing it was that she was doing so well as 6 months ago we still were not getting ANY purposeful movement from her hands/arms!!! God is SO good!!

There are many different types of talkers. They all have different functions and vocabulary. This is what we are trying to sort out right now. What is going to be the easiest way for Kenzie to access the talker, what format do we want the vocabulary to be in, and i am sure the list goes on and on!

Her therapist brought a college with her today that works with head tilt as an access to the talker. She put a little sticker on Makenzie forehead. (The video above is Makenzie trying it out) Some how that synced with the talker and a little hand followed where her head pointed on the screen of the talker. She did alright but still MUCH preferred the scanning and switch! She said it does take a while for kids to get that they are making the courser move!

Next week a rep from Dynovox (a brand of talker) will be in town and spending some time with Makenzie's therapist. She is going to hopefully get him here to meet Kenzie and show us their product and hopefully Makenzie will get to try a couple out!!!

We are now only 9 WEEKS away from boarding the plane heading to Costa Rica!!! WOW time is just flying by!!! Please keep praying that God will bless this trip and through his will and plan will send the stem cells to the parts of Makenzie's brain and body to bring more healing! We are hoping for the Microwave version of healing but I will be thrilled with a crock pot version as well!! ( if you didn't get that sorry! Steph and Pam that was for you!!! LOL!) Please continue to pray for our fundraising efforts!!! We feel SO BLESSED! So many people have given! So many people care!! THANK YOU!!! We are getting closer to our goal! We still have about $3000.00 to go. 9 weeks left! I know it will happen! This is God's child! We continue to stand in his arms and ask for healing! It is His timing, his will, and we will wait patiently for his answer! Thank You! Keep Praying!!!


Reed Family said...

Video overload? Are you kidding! We love the videos! Kids all watch them too. Makes me feel like we're home again.


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